This article describes the new features and improvements in SysKit Point version 18.1.

SysKit Point 18.1

SysKit Point 18.1 is a minor release that comes with role-based dashboards and licensing reports, as well as customer-suggested improvements and a couple of important bug fixes.

Product version: 18.1.0
Build number: 1831
Release date: Mar 16, 2021


  • Dashboards are now available for owners and admins! Owners and admins can now:

    • see what was happening on their Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, OneDrive, and sites in the last 30 days at a glance
    • find summary data for their resources, internal and external users, sharing links, and used storage - all numbers are drillable, opening related reports which will show more details
    • detect potential issues, for example, if a Microsoft Team is inactive
    • view Microsoft Teams analytics data, including most active Teams, channels, and users, as well as meetings information for their Microsoft Teams
    • explore the adoption of different workloads, discover adoption champions, and view adoption trends for their resources
  • Licensing reports are now available for owners and admins! Admins and owners can now see license information about users they are the manager of and discover inactive licenses and potential savings. Licenses Usage by Service, License Distribution, and Inactive Licenses reports are available in the Report Center.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • A new security group filter was added to the Permissions Matrix report. The filter enables you to show or hide security group members depending on your needs.
  • Improved how the Inactive Licenses report detects inactive users after the first SysKit Point installation. Users without recent sign-ins are considered inactive only after the number of days defined in the Inactive Content settings is reached, which is by default 90 days.
  • Detection of deleted users and groups was improved. SysKit Point now performs additional checks to ensure users and groups deleted from the Azure Active directory are marked as such in the SysKit Point database.
  • The Object Type column was added to the User Access report. This addition helps you find user permissions defined on the selected objects – sites, document libraries, folders, or files.
  • Fixed an issue where SysKit Point did not collect audit logs if all activities were selected for collection.
  • Fixed an issue where external users with the SysKit Point admin role assigned couldn’t export reports because of a bug with notifications. The notifications are now displayed correctly, enabling the user to download and view the exported files.