This article describes the first version of SysKit Point.

SysKit Point 10

This is the first official release of SysKit Point.

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Product version: 10.0.0
Build number: 199
Release date: Dec 09, 2019

Hello World!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, if we could have your attention please - introducing the new, shiny and awesome tool - SysKit Point!

SysKit Point is a comprehensive, role-based Microsoft 365 governance tool that fits the needs of Microsoft 365 admins, site owners, auditors, and compliance officers. It empowers all these user roles to automate security tasks and take control of the content they own.​

You might find it strange that the 1st release is marked with the number 10. The reason lies behind the fact that SysKit is celebrating its 10th birthday.
SysKit Point comes as a successor to SysKit Security Manager, a product that has given us knowledge and insights used as a foundation in building the next great thing. Other than wisdom, all is new in SysKit Point, so let's get started.

Web-based Interface

With the new and intuitive web-based interface it’s easier than ever to analyze your content, check if everything is ok, and make reports on the fly. You will first notice this shift when configuring SysKit Point, and the second time when your app opens in a browser after the installation. All that is left to do is to log in with your existing Microsoft 365 user account (yes, you read that right), and you are ready to go!


Drills, breadcrumbs, views, contextual and global actions, filters, and each and every aspect of SysKit Point were redone and made to simplify navigation in the app. Simple as it can possibly be, but flexible enough to do everything you need was the main thought behind every developed feature. You can find more details here.

Role-based Access

Not only Global Administrators but also Site Owners and users with Full Control Permissions can access SysKit Point and manage their Sites and Microsoft 365 Groups. Find out how to enable their access in few mouse clicks here. These options are available depending on the subscription type, so make sure to check available plans here.

Sync it!

Old ways of collecting data from Microsoft 365 are no more. With the new Sync capability, data collection has become granular, quick and lightweight. Heavy lifting is done only when needed. Or when you want it. Learn more about Sync here.

Audit Logs & Analytics

Contextual audit reports as you know and love them, only better! Like all things in SysKit Point, audit reports are easy to understand and accessible from all parts of the app. The analytics information is being calculated even if you decide not to store the audit logs. You can easily customize what to store as described here.

Reports & Actions

Reports and actions are always there when you need them, be it on a details screen, or a generated report. By selecting different objects in different contexts and running available reports or actions, you can get the right information and manage the exact part of your Microsoft 365 environment that you are observing. You can find the most common use cases described in the following section.


Make sure to check our roadmap to see what is the next big thing to come. Schedule a demo and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.