This article shows how to deploy SysKit Point - Power BI Companion app

Before you deploy SysKit Point Power BI app, prepare the following

  • SysKit Point Azure SQL Server Name
  • Power BI database user credentials


Please note! Installation, customization, and distribution of the SysKit Point Power BI Companion app require a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User license.

To deploy SysKit Point Power BI app:

  • Open Power BI
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Click Get apps
  • Find SysKit Point - Power BI Companion
  • Click Get it now

After deployment, the following is available:

  • SysKit Point Power BI Application - SysKit Point Reports with details for Microsoft 365 Governance and Security
  • SysKit Point Workspace - location of SysKit Point Reports and SysKit Point Dataset

Please note! Deployed application is a template application and comes with example data. When first used, you will be required to connect to the SysKit Point database to import your tenant data.

Connect to Your Tenant

To show data from your tenant, SysKit Point Power BI app needs to be connected to your tenant. To connect the app, do the following:

  • Click the Connect your data link in the warning ribbon
  • Enter SysKit Point database parameters:
    • SysKit Point SQL Server
    • SysKit Point Database - enter SysKitPointDB
  • Click Next

On the next screen, follow these steps:

  • Enter User Name - enter powerbireader
  • Enter Password - enter password for the powerbireader database user
  • Click Sign in and connect

Please note! Refresh can take up to 30 minutes.