This article explains how to upgrade SysKit Point to the latest version available.

Upgrade SysKit Point

Since SysKit Point is frequently getting new features, we highly recommend having the latest available version installed, to use its maximum potential.

Checking for Updates

SysKit Point automatically checks for updates every day, outside of working hours. In case a new update is available, every SysKit Point user receives a popup message at the bottom of the Home screen when they open the web application.

Home screen - New Update Available

The Read What's New link (1) opens a new tab in your browser at the Product Updates section in SysKit Point documentation, where you can find out about new features, improvements, and bug fixes by each product version.

If you activated SysKit Point, clicking the Download Latest Version (2) link will redirect you to the Customers Portal page. From there, download the latest SysKit Point version available. In case you are using a trial version of SysKit Point, the same link will redirect you to the SysKit Point web download page.

To hide the Update message, click the Close link (3) visible on the right side. The message will stay hidden until the next time you log in to SysKit Point.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

After you download the newest version of the application, follow these steps to upgrade SysKit Point:

  • Unpack the previously downloaded .zip file and run the SysKitPointSetup.exe setup file on the server where SysKit Point is installed.
  • The installation wizard will require to uninstall the previous version of SysKit Point. Click Next to continue.

Installation wizard - Previous Version Uninstallation message

  • Follow the wizard through the installation steps. All installation steps are described here.
  • After the installation is completed, the Configuration Wizard opens automatically.
  • On the Database step, select the Use existing database option to preserve all data collected by SysKit Point. Click Next to proceed.
  • On the Database Configuration step, click Next. A warning message is displayed. Before you continue, consider backing up the database to ensure no data is lost in an unlikely event of an upgrade failure. Click Yes to continue.

Configuration Wizard - Database upgrade warning

  • On the Service Settings step, enter your service account and validate it. Click Next.
  • On the Connect to Microsoft 365 step, you can see that your tenant is already connected with the application. Proceed to the next step.
  • On the Web Application Settings step, click the Next button.
  • On the Finish step, wait until all the checks are done and click the Finish button to open the SysKit Point web application in your browser.

Use the What's new page as an additional source of information on new features available in the latest version of SysKit Point.