This article is an index of content that provides guidance for installing SysKit Point on an Azure Virtual Machine.


To successfully deploy SysKit Point in the Azure cloud environment, the following resources are needed:

  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure SQL Database

Configuration steps provided in this article result in the Cloud environment setup shown in the picture below.

SysKit Point - Cloud Setup

Getting started

These are the 4 most important requirements to get you started:

  1. An Azure Virtual Machine (VM) where SysKit Point will be installed
    • Ask your Azure team to create a dedicated VM according to this article and check the minimum requirements
    • After the VM has been created and your Azure team provided you with the RDP connection info and a Windows login account you need to connect to the VM and perform additional configuration steps:
  2. Azure SQL database where SysKit Point will store its data
  3. Decide which URL are you going to use for the SysKit Point web application and prepare an SSL certificate required to make a secure HTTPS connection from the browser
  4. A Global Administrator will be asked to log in and provide application consent during the setup
    • Please note: the Global admin account is only necessary during the initial configuration, later the application can be used with other non-privileged accounts

Click the appropriate link to learn more about the requirements for each of the mentioned resources.

If you run into any issues when preparing your environment, please contact us.

SysKit Point Installation & Configuration

Once you went through all the requirements above and prepared all the necessary resources you are ready to install SyKit Point. Use RDP to connect to the Virtual Machine where SysKit Point will be installed and perform the following:

First steps with SysKit Point

By now, your SysKit Point is up and running. You can log in to the Point web application and it will continuously collect data from Microsoft 365. There are a few important considerations to make to complete the setup and secure your Point web application: