This article describes what additional configuration is necesary on the Virtual Machine before SysKit Point can be installed.

Additional Virtual Machine Configuration

After the Virtual Machine has been created by your Infrastructure team some additional configuration steps are needed before you install SysKit Point to that machine. Connect to the virtual machine using an RDP connection and perform the following steps:

  • Prepare a Service Account - windows account to run the SysKit Point windows service
  • Configure Windows Firewall - need to allow access to the SysKit Point web application
  • Configure Internet Options - required to enable login to Microsoft 365 from the Point Configuration Wizard
  • Install a Compatible Browser - needed after Point setup to access the Point web application

Service Account

A Service account is a Windows Account used to run the SysKit Point windows service. This windows service will host the Point web application.

We recommend you use one of the following options for the service account:

  • Create a dedicated domain account: Domain\PointServiceAccount
  • Create a local computer account: Virtual_Machine_Name\PointServiceAccount
  • Use your own account (the same one you use for RDP connection): Domain\Username
    • Please note each time your password expires SysKit Point windows service will stop until you update it

The service account needs the following privileges:

  • Local Administrator role on the Virtual Machine.
  • db owner role on the SysKit Point SQL database if you setup the database connection to use windows authentication (Recommended)

Please note: This account is not used to authenticate against Microsoft 365 and does not need any Microsoft 365 roles.

Configure Windows Firewall

To be able to use the SysKit Point application from outside the local virtual machine you need to be able to reach the page where the Point web application is hosted.

To allow inbound traffic on the Virtual Machine, follow these steps:

  • Use RDP connection to connect to Virtual Machine
  • Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  • Select Inbound Rules (1)
  • Click New Rule action (2)
  • New Inbound Rule Wizard opens that enables you to create an inbound rule for TCP protocol on port 443.

Windows Firewall - Adding a new inbound rule

Configure Internet Explorer Settings

SysKit Point uses modern authentication to enable single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account to the Point web application. During the SysKit Point configuration process Global administrator will be asked to login and provide consent. For this login experience Point uses an integrated version of the Internet Explorer browser. Additional configuration of Internet Explorer is needed in order to be able to sign in to

Enable Access to Microsoft Pages

Server versions of Windows (Internet Explorer) use an enhanced security settings and in order to be able to use single sign-on authentication it is necessary to enable access to the Microsoft login page.

We recommend configuring IE settings the following way:

Enable JavaScript

Microsoft’s login window uses JavaScript to render its content. For it to work it is necessary to enable scripting in Internet Explorer settings. To enable it, follow the steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Select Tools > Internet Options > Security tab (1)
  • Click the Custom Level... button (2)
  • Scroll down and change the Active Scripting setting > select the Enable option (3)
  • Confirm the change
  • Close Internet Options

Internet Explorer - Enabling JavaScript

Install a Compatible Browser

We are always trying to give our users the best security and visual experience while using our application and in order to provide that we are not compatible with Internet Explorer and you should install a compatible browser to be able to use SysKit Point. After configuration, SysKit Point users will be able to access the SysKit Point interface from any supported internet browser through the specified web application URL.


When you finish the above steps, you will need the following information for the next steps in the installation process:

  • Service account to run the SysKit Point windows service

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