This article provides all information about SysKit Point MS Teams App.

SysKit Point MS Teams App

SysKit Point teams application provides a familiar interface for your end-users to request new workspaces without leaving MS Teams.

Deploy Microsoft Teams Application


  • Teams Administrator role for the person running SysKit Point

  • If you do not hold this role, you can still perform the deployment. Still, the SysKit Point application will stay in the Pending approval status until the Teams Administrator in your organization does not approve it. Read more about how to do that .

To deploy the SysKit Point teams application to the list of approved applications in your organization, do the following:

  1. Start SysKit Point.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Governance > Provisioning.

  3. Click the Deploy Microsoft Teams App button.

Upgrade SysKit Point Teams App

To update Teams application to the latest version, make sure to:

  1. Upgrade to the latest SysKit Point version.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Governance > Provisioning.

  3. Click the Update Microsoft Teams App button.

This will update the teams application as well, without the need for any manual interference.