Set Up E-Mail - SysKit Point

This article explains how to set up e-mail settings in SysKit Point.

Set Up E-Mail

SysKit Point sends e-mails to owners, administrators and, other users when automated workflows are enabled.

Here you can find all the information needed to successfully configure e-mail settings, which SysKit Point will use to send the e-mails.

Please note!
Only users assigned to the SysKit Point Admin role can access and configure Settings in SysKit Point.

For SysKit Point to be able to send e-mails, you need to configure the sending method. Two options are available:

  • Exchange Online
  • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Please Note!
E-mail address set up in this section will appear in the Sent from field in all e-mails sent from SysKit Point.

Exchange Online Settings

Please Note!
Exchange Online has a sending limit of 10000 e-mails per day.

Please Note! When setting up the e-mail, please use a supported mailbox address, as specified in the table below.

Mailbox typeSupported
Microsoft 365 user mailboxYES
Shared mailboxYES
Distribution listNO
Microsoft 365 groupNO
E-mail enabled security groupNO

The Exchange Online method enables you to use an existing Exchange account in your Microsoft 365 tenant to send e-mails from SysKit Point. Here, you can:

  • enter a valid e-mail address in the Sent from field (1)
  • choose whether to save e-mails sent by SysKit Point to the Sent items folder (2); by default, this option is turned on, meaning that all e-mails sent from SysKit Point will be stored in the Sent mailbox folder of the entered Exchange account
  • Send a test e-mail (3) to check if the entered e-mail address is working properly

After you click the Send test e-mail button, the Sent test e-mail dialog opens. Here, enter the e-mail address to which you want to send the test e-mail. After a moment, you should receive an e-mail like the one pictured below.

Click the Save button to store your e-mail settings.

SMTP Settings

Select the SMTP method if you are using an SMTP server in your environment. Here, you can enter the SMTP properties:

  • Outgoing Server

  • Port

  • Sent from e-mail

  • Username and Password; in case the Require Authentication option is enabled

    You can also choose whether to Use Encrypted Connection (SSL).

You can check if the entered data is correct by sending a test e-mail.

Click the Save button once you confirm that the test e-mail was received.