Enable Microsoft Teams Activity Tracking - SysKit Point

This article describes how SysKit Point enables you to track Microsoft Teams activity in your tenant.

Enable Microsoft Teams Activity Tracking

SysKit Point enables you to easily discover which of your Microsoft Teams are not being actively used.

This provides regular insight on when a workspace should be assessed to determine any possible value for the future with options to keep, archive or delete the workspace. These reviews can be automated and will be sent to owners when SysKit Point detects a workspace is inactive.

To start collecting all the necessary data, first, the SysKit Point Admin has to send a request to access Protected APIs in Microsoft Teams. Protected APIs make it possible for SysKit Point to detect inactive Microsoft Teams based on the date of the last message.

Please note!
SysKit Point does not read or store Microsoft Teams' chat messages
while collecting activity data. Only the date and time data is collected and stored in the SysKit Point database.

To learn more about Protected APIs in Microsoft Teams, read the following article.

Sending the Access Request Form

After you log in to SysKit Point with a SysKit Point Admin account, you’ll receive a message on the bottom of the Home screen, notifying you about the newly available feature.
Click the Configure Now link to proceed with the initial configuration.

The Settings > Governance > Lifecycle Management settings page opens. Here, you can find the current Status (1) information, the Show Information button (2), which will give you all data to successfully fill the Microsoft Access Request form, and the Fill Microsoft Request button (3) that opens the before mentioned Microsoft Access Request form.

In case the Access Request was not yet approved, the following status is displayed:
Approval From Microsoft Needed

Please note!
The status will not change after you fill in the Access request form; it will change automatically after the Access Request is approved.

Click the Show Information button. A dialog is displayed, giving you all the information needed to fill out the Access Request form.

  • Click the Fill Microsoft Request button (1); this will open the Request Access form in a new tab (3).
  • Return to SysKit Point for information needed to fill out the form.
    • Click the Copy link (2) available next to each value.
    • Paste it in the corresponding text field within the Access Request form (4).
  • Once you fill out the Access Request form, click the Submit button (5) to send.

Please note!
It may take up to 10 days for Microsoft to review your request.

Getting Access to Protected APIs

Once the access to Microsoft Teams protected APIs has been approved, you will receive an email.

From now onward, when SysKit Point collects activity data, Microsoft Teams activity data will also be collected. This happens every day after working hours in order to reduce the load on your Microsoft 365 environment. You will also notice that the Detect inactive Teams message is no longer visible after you log in to SysKit Point with a SysKit Point Admin account. On the Settings > Governance > Lifecycle Management screen, the Microsoft Teams status is now set to Detecting Activity.

To learn where to find activity information in SysKit Point, continue to the Identify Inactive Content article.

To learn more about protected APIs in Microsoft Teams, click here.