SharePoint - SysKit Point

This article lists the currently supported SharePoint reports with all of the properties that SysKit Point loads.




App NameThe name of the App.

Browser Idle Signout

EnabledEnables the browser idle sign-out policy.
Sign Out AfterSpecifies a time interval of inactivity before the user gets signed out.
Warn AfterSpecifies a time interval of inactivity before the user gets a warning about being signed out.

Company Themes

NameThe name of the theme, which appears in the theme picker UI and is also used by administrators and developers to refer to the theme in PowerShell cmdlets or calls to the SharePoint REST API.
Is InvertedThis value should be false for light themes and true for dark themes; it controls whether SharePoint uses dark or light theme colors to render text on colored backgrounds.

Home Site

UrlThe URL of the home site collection.

Hub Sites

UrlThe URL of the site collection.
TitleThe title of the hub site.
DescriptionThe description of the hub site.
Logo UrlThe url to the logo of the hub site.
Requires Join ApprovalDoes the hub site require approval to join.
Allowed To JoinThe users or mail-enabled security groups which are allowed to associate their site with a hub site.
Site Design IdThe guid of the site design to link to the hub site.

Org Assets Library

NameDisplay name of the library.
Asset TypeSpecifies the asset type of this library.
Asset TypeSpecifies the file type in this library.
Library UrlIndicates the absolute URL of the library to be designated as a central location for organization assets.
Thumbnail UrlIndicates the absolute URL of the library to be designated as a central location for organization Indicates the URL of the background image used when the library is publicly displayed. If no thumbnail URL is indicated, the card will have a gray background.


Display Start A Site OptionDetermines whether tenant users see the Start a Site menu option.
Start A Site Form UrlSpecifies URL of the form to load in the Start a Site dialog. The valid values are:<emptyString> (default) - Blank by default, this will also remove or clear any value that has been set.Full URL - Example:
IP Address EnforcementAllows access from network locations that are defined by an administrator.
IP Address Allow ListConfigures multiple IP addresses or IP address ranges (IPv4 or IPv6). Use commas to separate multiple IP addresses or IP address ranges.
IP Address WAC Token LifetimeOffice webapps TokenLifeTime in minutes.
Comments On Site Pages DisabledWhen this feature is set to true, comments on site pages will be disabled.
Social Bar On Site Pages DisabledDisables or enables the Social Bar. It will give users the ability to like a page, see the number of views, likes, and comments on a page, and see the people who have liked a page.
Disallow Infected File DownloadPrevents the Download button from being displayed on the Virus Found warning page.
External Services EnabledEnables external services for a tenant. External services are defined as services that are not in the Office 365 datacenters.
Email Attestation RequiredSets email attestation to required.
Email Attestation Re-Auth DaysSets email attestation re-auth days.

Property Bag

UrlUrl of the site where to configure the property bag property.
KeyKey that should be configured.
ValueValue of the assigned key.

Search Managed Properties

NameThe 'Name' of the Managed Property.
TypeThe 'Type' of the Managed Property.
DescriptionDescription of the Managed Property.
SearchableEnables querying against the content of the managed property. The content of this managed property is included in the full-text index. For example, if the property is 'author', a simple query for 'Smith' returns items containing the word 'Smith' and items whose author property contains 'Smith'.
Full Text IndexDefines which full-text index the Managed Property is stored in.
Full Text ContextDefines the context of a managed property within its full-text index.
QueryableEnables querying against the specific Managed Property. The Managed Property field name must be included in the query, either specified in the query itself or included in the query programmatically. If the Managed Property is 'author', the query must contain 'author:Smith'.
RetrievableEnables the content of this managed property to be returned in search results. Enable this setting for managed properties that are relevant to present in search results.
Allow Multiple ValuesAllow multiple values of the same type in this managed property. For example, if this is the 'author' managed property, and a document has multiple authors, each author name will be stored as a separate value in this managed property.
RefinableYes: Enables using the property as a refiner for search results in the front end. You must manually configure the refiner in the web part. Yes - latent: Enables switching refinable to active later, without having to do a full re-crawl when you switch. Both options require a full crawl to take effect.
SortableYes: Enables sorting the result set based on the property before the result set is returned. Use for example for large result sets that cannot be sorted and retrieved at the same time. Yes - latent: Enables switching sortable to active later, without having to do a full re-crawl when you switch. Both options require a full crawl to take effect.
SafeEnables this managed property to be returned for queries executed by anonymous users. Enable this setting for managed properties that do not contain sensitive information and are appropriate for anonymous users to view.
AliasesDefine an alias for a managed property if you want to use the alias instead of the managed property name in queries and in search results. Use the original managed property and not the alias to map to a crawled property. Use an alias if you don't want to or don't have permission to create a new managed property.
Token NormalizationEnable to return results independent of letter casing and diacritics(for example accented characters) used in the query.
Complete MatchingBy default, search returns partial matches between queries against this managed property and its content. Select Complete Matching for search to return exact matches instead. If a managed property 'Title' contains 'Contoso Sites', only the query Title: 'Contoso Sites' will give a result.
Language Neutral TokenizationBy default, search depends on language when it breaks queries and content into parts (tokenization). Language neutral tokenization is used when there is multilingual content and this managed property contains tags that are based on metadata term sets or other identifiers.
Finer Query TokenizationBy default, search tokenizes queries coarser than content. If a managed property 'ID' contains the string '1-23-456#7', and you query ID:'1-23', you might not get a partial match because search didn't break the query into small enough parts. Finer query tokenization are to be considered if the content of this managed property contains separators such as dots and dashes. Finer query tokenization makes queries against this managed property slower.
Mapped Crawled PropertiesNames of the crawled properties that are mapped to this managed property.
Company Name ExtractionEnables the system to extract company name entities from the managed property when crawling new or updated items. Afterwards, the extracted entities can be used to set up refiners in the web part.

Search Result Sources

NameThe 'Name' of the Result Source.
DescriptionDescription of the Result Source.
ProtocolThe protocol of the Result Source.
Source URLAddress of the root site collection of the remote SharePoint farm or Exchange server.
TypeThe 'SharePoint Search Results' type will search over the entire index. The 'People Search Results' enables query processing specific to People Search, such as phonetic name matching or nickname matching. Only people profiles will be returned from a People Search source.
Query TransformIncoming queries are changed to use this new query text instead. The incoming query is included in the new text with the query variable '{searchTerms}'.
Show Partial SearchShow partial search or not.
Use AutodiscoverSpecifies if AutoDiscover should be used for the Exchange Source URL.


Sharing CapabilityConfigures anonymous link types for folders.
Show Everyone ClaimEnables the administrator to hide the Everyone claim in the People Picker.
Show All Users ClaimEnables the administrator to hide the All Users claim groups in People Picker.
Show Everyone Except External Users ClaimEnables the administrator to hide the Everyone except external users claim in the People Picker.
Provision Shared With Everyone FolderCreates a Shared with Everyone folder in every user's new OneDrive for Business document library.
Enable Guest Sign In AccelerationAccelerates guest-enabled site collections as well as member-only site collections when the SignInAccelerationDomain property is set.
Bcc External Sharing InvitationsWhen the feature is enabled, all external sharing invitations that are sent will blind copy the e-mail messages listed in the BccExternalSharingsInvitationList.
Bcc External Sharing Invitations ListSpecifies a list of e-mail addresses to be BCC'd when the BCC for External Sharing feature is enabled. Multiple addresses can be specified by creating a comma separated list with no spaces.
Require Anonymous Links Expire In DaysSpecifies all anonymous links that have been created (or will be created) will expire after the set number of days.
Sharing Allowed Domain ListSpecifies a list of email domains that is allowed for sharing with the external collaborators. Entry values as an array of domains.
Sharing Blocked Domain ListSpecifies a list of email domains that is blocked or prohibited for sharing with the external collaborators. Entry values as an array of domains.
Sharing Domain Restriction ModeSpecifies the external sharing mode for domains.
Default Sharing Link TypeLets administrators choose what type of link appears is selected in the 'Get a link' sharing dialog box in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
Prevent External Users From ResharingAllow or deny external users re-sharing.
Show People Picker Suggestions For Guest UsersEnables the administrator to hide the guest users claim in the People Picker.
File Anonymous Link TypeConfigures anonymous link types for files.
Folder Anonymous Link TypeConfigures anonymous link types for folders.
Notify Owners When Items ResharedWhen this property is set to True and another user re-shares a document from a user’s OneDrive for Business, the OneDrive for Business owner is notified by e-mail.
Default Link PermissionSpecifies the link permission on the tenant level.
Require Accepting Account Match Invited AccountEnsures that an external user can only accept an external sharing invitation with an account matching the invited email address.Administrators who desire increased control over external collaborators should consider enabling this feature. False (default) - When a document is shared with an external user,, it can be accepted by any user with access to the invitation link in the original e-mail.True - User must accept this invitation with

Site Design Rights

Site Design TitleThe title of the site design.
User PrincipalsList of user principals with site design rights.
RightsRights granted to user principals.

Site Designs

TitleThe title of the site design.
Site Script NamesThe names of the site design scripts.
Web TemplateWeb template to which the site design is applied to when invoked.
DescriptionDescription of site design.
Is DefaultIs site design applied by default to web templates.
Preview Image Alt TextSite design alternate preview image text.
Preview Image UrlSite design preview image url.
VersionSite design version number.

Site Groups

UrlThe URL of the site.
Group NameThe name of the site group.
OwnerThe owner (email address) of the site group.
Permission LevelsThe permission level of the site group.

Site Script

TitleThe title of the site script.
DescriptionThe description of the site script.

Storage Entities

Site UrlThe url of site collection or tenant.
KeyThe key of the storage entity.
ValueValue of the storage entity.
Entity ScopeScope of the storage entity.
DescriptionDescription of storage entity.
CommentComment for the storage entity.

Tenant CDN Policies

CDN TypeType of Content Delivery Network. Can be 'Private' or 'Public'.
Exclude Restricted Site ClassificationsList of site classifications to exclude.
Include File ExtensionsList of file extensions to include in the Policy.

Tenant Settings

Min Compatibility LevelSpecifies the lower bound on the compatibility level for new sites.
Max Compatibility LevelSpecifies the upper bound on the compatibility level for new sites.
Search Resolve Exact Email Or UPNRemoves the search capability from People Picker. Note, recently resolved names will still appear in the list until browser cache is cleared or expired.
Office Client ADAL DisabledWhen set to true this will disable the ability to use Modern Authentication that leverages ADAL across the tenant.
Legacy Auth Protocols EnabledSetting this property prevents Office clients using non-modern authentication protocols from accessing SharePoint Online resources.
Require Accepting Account Match Invited AccountDEPRECATED.
Sign In Acceleration DomainSpecifies the home realm discovery value to be sent to Azure Active Directory (AAD) during the user sign-in process.
Use Persistent Cookies For Explorer ViewLets SharePoint issue a special cookie that will allow this feature to work even when Keep Me Signed In is not selected.
User Voice For Feedback EnabledAllow feedback via UserVoice.
Public Cdn EnabledConfigure PublicCDN.
Public Cdn Allowed File TypesConfigure filetypes allowed for PublicCDN.
Use Find People In People PickerWhen set to True, users aren't able to share with security groups or SharePoint groups.
Notifications In SharePoint EnabledWhen set to True, users aren't able to share with security groups or SharePoint groups.
Hide Default ThemesDefines if the default themes are visible or hidden.