This section describes how to find information about External users in your environment using SysKit Point.

Track Microsoft 365 External Users and Their Activities

If you want to find out everything about External users and their access to your environment, you can simply open the SysKit Point web application and within Users Overview screen choose External Users view.

The picture below shows you how to switch between different views at the Users Overview screen.

You will find useful data while checking the External Users view in the grid, such as the sign-in status of the user.

You can open Column Chooser with the list of all available columns to display by clicking on the button located on the left side of the Search field.

Detailed information about each External user (or any other user) is visible on their User Details screen. There you can find information divided into few tiles - General info, OneDrive, Analytics & Usage, Microsoft Teams & Groups Memberships, and Sites tile.

Notice the sidebar panel on the right end of the screen and section Go to Report > User Activity report.

By clicking on that report button, it will redirect you to the User Activity report, where you can see all the actions performed by/on that external user.

By default, this report has the timeframe for the Last 30 Days. To switch this, choose a different timeframe from the dropdown menu.

Every report within the SysKit Point is exportable, all of them in the form of Microsoft Excel Worksheet file type and most of them in PDF file type. You will find this option in the sidebar panel under the section Manage > Export button.

The icon will point out which export file type are you choosing. You can also access the User Activity report from the Report Center when you click the Welcome Home screen > Reports tile. This screen will open:

While you are looking at the Report Center screen, try to use the dropdown filter above the tiles.

For example, if you open the dropdown filter and select External Sharing category - three reports will be selected (Externally Shared Content, External Users, Sharing Links), and all of them are regarding external users.

Every tile in the Report Center holds a description. This way, you won't have trouble choosing the right report.