Monitor server performance, user activity, application usage, and system inventory

SysKit Monitor: A Powerful Enterprise Server Monitoring Tool

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Why use SysKit Monitor to track your servers and workstations?

  • Monitor server performance in real-time
  • Collect data from all your servers using one console
  • Detect server problems and their causes on time
  • Monitor employee activity on servers
  • Track application and license usage
  • Customize reports according to your needs

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Monitor User Activity

Use SysKit Monitor to audit and monitor user activity on servers. Get detailed session logs for selected users and discover users’ total time spent on the system in each session state (active, idle, remote, and disconnected).

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Server Performance Monitoring

Get an instant overview of the statuses of all your servers. Determine CPU and memory usage per user or application. Examine network statistics, including speed, uploads and downloads by user, network traffic, and more.

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Application Usage Reports

Track application usage by user, server, or time period. Monitor the total time users spend using a particular app. Determine the most-used applications, number of application instances, and concurrent usage.

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Asset Inventory Management

Get an overview of your entire hardware and software inventory. Monitor your operating systems and their updates, installed applications, licenses, etc. Take inventory snapshots and compare them to keep track of your inventory changes.

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Server Auditing

Audit all log-on events and failed logon attempts on servers, and block possible intruders. SysKit Monitor immediately detects possible security breaches and protects your system by automatically adjusting firewall rules.

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Real-time Server Monitoring

Monitor server, user, and app performance in real time. View the applications currently running on server and watch an end user’s live experience. Receive real-time alerts to avoid and stop potential problems at early stages.

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Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp monitoring

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Windows Servers and Workstations monitoring

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Remote Desktop Services and Gateway monitoring


This tool is very valuable to me

Nathan Andersen
IT Manager, AArete

“With SysKit Monitor I can really see when particular resources were being maxed out for a period of time. This tool is very valuable to me.”


It is a must-have product

Neil Cheshire
IT Systems Manager, The Chase School

“This should be a part of Citrix. I wouldn’t consider not using it when running a Citrix platform. SysKit Monitor is a must-have product.”


Makes IT management easier

Bradley J. Dinerman
Microsoft MVP Security, CISSP, Ph.D., Fieldbrook Solutions

“SysKit Monitor allowed me to keep an active eye on what is happening on my Terminal Servers – who is logged on and from where, which applications they are running and much, much more.”


SysKit Monitor is valuable for RDS

Guido Beijderwellen
Sr Infrastructure Analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Northwest Europe

“SysKit Monitor is a very valuable extension for Remote Desktop Servers. Full reporting facilities and quick tasks are vital functions for managing Microsoft RDS environments.”


It surpassed our expectations

John Rogan
CIO / Engineer, NexServ Technologies Inc.

“SysKit Monitor was easy to implement and offered regular updates. The company provides exceptional support and fulfills our compliance auditing needs at a fantastic price.”


SysKit Monitor has an intuitive interface

Chris Buckley
CISSP, Dir. of Information Services, Information Services Advocates Inc.

“SysKit Monitor has an intuitive interface with detailed information that helps us manage our Terminal Server Farm as well as our other stand-alone Terminal Servers.”


We use SysKit Monitor daily

David Kahn
Citrix Admin, SUNY Oswego

“We use SysKit Monitor daily to monitor our Citrix XenDesktop/App environment. It has enabled us to be proactive resolving issues before they start.

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