Track remote access to RD Session Host Server and monitor RDP sessions

SysKit Monitor is a powerful Remote Desktop Services monitoring tool

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Why use SysKit Monitor to monitor Remote Desktop Services?

Track andaudit Remote Desktop accesses.

Monitor employee activity on Remote Desktop Servers.

Monitor sessions running via RDP

Check users’ time spent on the system via the RDP.

Generate reports showing time spent in different states.

Monitor user activity

RDS Performance Monitoring


Check real-time RD Session Host
performance, including CPU,
bandwidth usage, memory,
network, and storage status.

RDP Sessions Monitoring

User Statistics

Get information about employee
activity on Remote Desktop Services
Identify the most active users
and monitor user activity by state.

Application Usage on RDP Host

Save Time

Monitor the time and duration
of an application running
on an RDP host server.
the most frequently used apps.

Give SysKit Monitor a try and check out
all its features!

    • Track Inventory and Ensure License Compliance

Monitor license consumption and decrease your costs by detecting unused licenses.

    • Agentless Data Collection

Use our agentless data collection technology to gather information about Windows RDP hosts and Remote Desktop Services.

    • Use the Web UI and Create Custom Reports

Create custom reports to view the most important data for remote desktop services.