Monitor Citrix server performance, sessions, licenses and application usage

SysKit Monitor – A Powerful Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Monitoring Tool

Audit user's server performance and resources usage per application in real-time.

Why is SysKit Monitor an excellent Citrix monitoring tool?

  • Provides agentless Citrix monitoring
  • Tracks Citrix-specific performance counters
  • Monitors user activity logs on XenApp
  • Provides you with live Citrix log tracking
  • Helps you optimize server license compliance costs
  • Allows you to access reports from the SysKit Monitor Web App

Get a complete understanding of your Citrix server environment

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Citrix Sessions Monitoring

Visualize user activities by monitoring logon activity and time spent in different session states on your Citrix servers. Identify the most active users and view all Citrix XenApp logging sessions and details.

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Monitor Citrix Performance

Use the Server Performance Reports to monitor Citrix server performance of farms, applications and users in real-time or historically. Track Citrix-specific performance counters and services.

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Application Usage Across Server

Application Usage Reports provide important audit information about users, including when they used applications on the Citrix XenApp server and how long they spent using the application.

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Asset Inventory Management

Keep an eye on your entire Citrix XenApp systems inventory, including hardware, operating systems, patches, and licenses. Use the license usage reports to validate the need for license purchases.

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Server Auditing Reports

Track actions performed on files and the file access history. Log-on audit reports provide a complete overview of successful and failed log-on events on all servers. Get information about blocked IPs.

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Live Server Monitoring

View the apps currently running on your Citrix XenApp server and watch an end user’s live experience. Monitor Citrix system performance metrics, and receive real-time alerts in case something goes wrong.

Start monitoring and reporting on Citrix performance, environment, sessions, etc.

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Overcome employee idleness with user activity monitoring.

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Keep your server inventory organized with inventory snapshots.

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Never find yourself over- or under-licensed with license usage reports.

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Receive real-time alerts and troubleshoot important issues faster.


We use SysKit Monitor daily

David Kahn
Citrix Admin, SUNY Oswego

“We use SysKit Monitor daily to monitor our Citrix XenDesktop/App environment. It has enabled us to be proactive resolving issues before they start.


It is a must-have product

Neil Cheshire
IT Systems Manager, The Chase School

“This should be a part of Citrix. I wouldn’t consider not using it when running a Citrix platform. SysKit Monitor is a must-have product.”


This tool is very valuable to me

Nathan Andersen
IT Manager, AArete

“With SysKit Monitor I can really see when particular resources were being maxed out for a period of time. This tool is very valuable to me.”


It surpassed our expectations

John Rogan
CIO / Engineer, NexServ Technologies Inc.

“SysKit Monitor was easy to implement and offered regular updates. The company provides exceptional support and fulfills our compliance auditing needs at a fantastic price.”

Try agentless monitoring and reporting solution for your Citrix server environment.

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