DEA Products Case Study

The Company: DEA Products

deaproductsDEA products began processing rubber products in 1948. Sales to the U.S. began in the 1960’s, with Motor Mounts being produced for foreign autos and Jeep. In September of 2004 DEA began business with AutoZone, being named as primary vendor. Carquest was later added to the list of Mount customers. DEA is headquartered in New York. DEA Products produces engine and transmission mounts, torque and suspension struts, drive shaft supports for US customers. DEA Products has about 100 employees. They have over a thousand customers all over the United States.

The Challenge: Monitoring user times and applications on all terminal servers

DEA Products wanted deep visibility into user activity times together with application usage trends across all servers. To achieve this, Mr. Gur purchased SysKit Monitor software that allowed him to monitor user activity times and application activity times.

“Using SysKit Monitor allowed our management team insight into employee efficiency.”

– Eli Gur, IT Manager, DEA Products

As Mr. Roberts said, without SysKit Monitor it was difficult to keep track of how Terminal Services was being used. Now that Pioneer has SysKit Monitor they have a complete analysis of user and application usage times. “In addition, SysKit helps us determine what applications are most frequently used and which ones are rarely used. SysKit Monitor also allowed us to have detailed usage analysis by department.”

“SysKit Monitor let us see what our employees were doing on our servers and how much time they were working. SysKit Monitor also gave us application monitoring for all of our applications.”

– Eli Gur, IT Manager, DEA Products

Understanding user activity times allows you to monitor when users are coming to work and when they are at maximum activity. SysKit Monitor also allows you to know when users logon to the server and when they logout. This way you can monitor when users are coming to work and when they are leaving, and also when they are working over the weekend from home.Understanding changes in application usage allows you to retire unused applications and maximize your investment in frequently used applications. SysKit Monitor will give DEA Products the reports they need on all user and application activity.

The Solution: SysKit Monitor

SysKit Monitor is a powerful monitoring solution that allows you to get a clear understanding of your server environments based on the Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. Use it to generate user reports, track applications, monitor overall system performance and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download free trial now.