Aarete LLC Case Study

The Company: Aarete LLC

aarete-llc AArete is a management consulting firm specializing in non-salary cost reductions and improving a client’s efficiency. AArete is able to achieve significant bottom line savings on their engagements through utilization of their proven sourcing methodologies, their expertise in data-driven analytics, as well as their use of the Knowledge Management Center™ an internal intellectual property repository rich with benchmarking data and industry focused studies. AArete is headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

The Challenge: Intelligent projections of future performance

Aarete tries to help its clients become more operationally efficient in a number of different ways without telling them to lay people off, spin off business units, sell the business or parts of it, etc. To help them make improvements, AArete’s consultants need to go deep into a client’s data, and see how it is spending its money. This means a lot of data analysis, which is why they use RDS, a terminal server can provide far more system resources than an individual laptop can. The biggest problem for Aarete was the security and adapting to the constantly changing environment. Nathan Andersen is the IT Manager in AArete and he didn’t had a clear idea what was going on with the server.


“With SysKit Monitor I can really see when particular resources were being maxed out for a period of time. This tool is very valuable to me.”

– Nathan Andersen, IT Manager, AArete

AArete’s IT partner introduced it to SysKit Monitor, Nathan tested it and it seemed to be the solution. With the tool they completely rebuilt they data center and today they perform regular security audits. Nathan states that the biggest benefit from SysKit Monitor is the ability to know where to look when the problem occurs.

The Solution: SysKit Monitor

SysKit Monitor a powerful monitoring solution that allows you to get a clear understanding of your server environments based on the Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. Use it to generate user reports, track applications, monitor overall system performance and much more. If you are interested in testing it out yourself, download free trial now.