SQL server ran out of space and crashed

SharePoint admin problem #14

Keep an eye on SQL server memory and other performance counters

SQL servers are tricky to monitor because they can be doing great for months, and then implode in one day. Databases can grow consistently, but now and then something happens, and disk usage explodes. If you are busy with other tasks, or you simply don’t notice the error, your server will run out of space and crash.

A server can suddenly run out of space because:

  • Transaction logs are not backed up, and they can fill the log drive 
  • Data drives are not monitored for growth, and suddenly data drive maxes out 
  • System drive can run out of space because you haven’t configured the dedicated drive for logs  

How to solve that problem?

SysKit Insights will monitor free drive space, along with all other relevant performance counters and alert you if something goes wrong. You can set warning and critical thresholds for real-time alerts.

With real-time email alerts for warning and critical states, this particular problem will never happen to you again and make your monitoring tasks easier.

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