SharePoint Search service stopped working

SharePoint admin problem #19

Make sure that SharePoint services are always running

SharePoint Search service is one of the most essential services. It allows users to search SharePoint and find the files they need. Administrators must monitor it constantly because if it goes down, it will impact users and disturb their ability to search for files, and no one wants to hear their phone ring with puzzled users on the other side.

How to solve that problem?

SysKit Insights will constantly monitor Search service and alerts you to moment it goes down, giving you a head start and ability to fix it before it impacts users.

SysKit Insights will monitor:

  • Search Service
  • User Profile Synchronization service
  • Central Administration
  • Timer Service

Besides services, SysKit Insights will help you keep your entire environment under control by keeping a close watch over server performance and events, such as ULS, SQL and Windows Event logs.

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