SharePoint Page Performance

Monitor performance of your SharePoint pages and determine the causes of slow SharePoint. Find out your page's performance score and speed it up!


Why use SysKit Insights to monitor SharePoint page performance?

 It constantly monitors SharePoint page uptime, X-SPHealthScore, SPRequestDuration, SPIisLatency, Page Response Time.

 It will trigger an alert and send you an email notification if any response header metric reaches critical value.

 It will enable you to detect any potential slowdown before it affects end-users.

 You will be able to see your page score and health.

 Save hours of manually pasting data from different sources.

page score

Page Performance Score


See your page’s score and know how
healthy it is. In addition, you will see
how long it took for each resource
type (HTML, Javascript, Images, CSS,
Fonts) to load, and you will know
what causes slowness.

Page Elements & Network Activity


Explore the waterfall model of a page
to see every loaded element and
discover the ones causing issues. Is it
DNS lookup or SSL? You will see in
details how long it takes for each request
on the SharePoint page to load.

Receive Page Performance Alerts

bell alert

Receive alerts and spot critical
metrics for each monitored page. If
your SharePoint page starts
responding poorly you will receive
correlation ID (GUID) that you can or Microsoft
can use for further investigation.

Try out SysKit Insights and check all of its features!

    • Suitable for every environment

You can track page performance for SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online, and hybrid environments.

    • Available as both web and a desktop app

You can use SysKit Insights on your desktop and in a web browser to easily share reports via URL link.

    • Centralized ULS log viewer

Search ULS, SQL, and Windows event logs across all servers and farms from a single location.