It takes me hours to find the ULS log I need

SharePoint admin problem #24

Find the ULS log you need, or any other log in seconds

“Sorry, something went wrong” is every SharePoint admin’s most dreaded message. Whether he discovers the error himself or a user reports it, it requires an immediate fix. The problem, however, is in the fact that any number of things could have caused the issue, so the admin needs the ULS logs that contain the relevant info.

It seems pretty straightforward, but many issues make this a nightmare-task, and some of them are:

  • Admin must log into each of tens of servers to search for the events and connect the dots
  • There is no centralized ULS log collection
  • ULS logs are hard to read in their raw form, you must correlate a lot of data to understand what is going on

How to solve that problem?

SysKit Insights centralizes all ULS, SQL, and Windows event logs and allow you to search, filter or export them from a central location, also if the specific event happens you can be alerted right away.
With SysKit Insights you can deep dive into the ULS logs and solve SharePoint problems much faster. Also, you can set up alerts for specific events, and be immediately notified if that event happens, so you know about the error before the user.

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