Grouping the same events, read/unread alerts, home dashboard redesign with new useful information such as reports, and the number of alerts in the last 24 hours are just some of many improvements we will release in the new version.

SysKit Insights will monitor your SharePoint services and alert you if they stop working

SysKit Insights will monitor your Office 365 services and alert you if they stop working

See the status of all SharePoint Service Applications in one place and get alerts when they go offline

Receive real-time email alert if any of your servers go offline, as well as reports about server downtime.

Use SysKit Insights to monitor SharePoint Online or on-prem performance from different locations.

Receive automated daily or monthly reports with information about events, increases or decreases in events compared to the previous period, performance, and alerts. This is useful for both admins and the managers.

Not only will you be alerted if your page goes offline, but you will also be able to monitor site metrics, such as site response time, site load, time, uptime and many more.

You will be able to monitor your on-premises servers, as well as your SharePoint Online.

You will be able to monitor how long it takes for your SharePoint page to respond.

Monitor SharePoint specific Services such as Search Service and User Profile Service (UPS) and receive real-time alerts if they go down.

Constantly monitor your intra-farm latency and receive alerts if it becomes critical

Access SysKit insights in a web browser.

Note: Please bear in mind that this is a high-level roadmap without feature details; everything listed here is subject to change without prior notice.