SharePoint server performance monitoring

Enhanced performance
Get a detailed overview of each server’s real-time and historical performance. Understand how to maximize efficiency using key resources.
Powerful reporting
Schedule easy-to-read SharePoint health reports directly to your admins’ or managers’ inboxes. Instantly spot trends and keep up with the state of your environment.
Proactive alerts
Get real-time notifications of any performance issues on your SharePoint servers and resolve them before they affect end users.

The Syskit Insights advantage

When it comes to performance monitoring, Syskit Insights is the full package. Find out what’s inside.

Constant monitoring

Keep up with 30-plus SharePoint-specific performance counters

Data retention

Retain data for 30 days, analyze performance, and spot trends.

Prompt intervention 

Quickly intervene if something goes wrong and prevent potential issues.

Problem prediction

Stay in the know and prevent poor performance in the future.

Enhanced performance

Ensure that your environment always runs smoothly.

Solve problems proactively

Syskit Insights will track all detected alerts in one centralized place and send alerts to your email as soon as they occur. You will know if any performance component of your SharePoint environment is degraded, and then you can check what is going wrong and fix it proactively, rather than wait for it to affect the end user and your phone to start ringing.