SharePoint Performance Monitoring

SysKit Insights is a dedicated SharePoint monitoring tool. It is a plug and play tool that will automatically recognize the roles of your servers, show you the most important performance counters according to the server’s role, and even send you alerts if performance reaches the critical value.

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

 See an overview of all servers and all farms in a simple interactive interface

 Monitor a single interface for different farms (Production, DEV, QA and UAT)

 See the role of the server and server online status

 Monitor SharePoint-specific performance counters

 Analyze real-time and historical performance data


Monitor SharePoint Performance

Detailed Server Overview

After checking out farm overview, simply select the server you want to examine thoroughly. Examine each server individually and get a detailed overview of its real-time and historical performance, giving you a better understanding of your server’s behavior and utilization of its key resources.

Real-Time & Historical Performance Data

The magic of SysKit Insights is evident in the fact that it automatically detects farms and servers and discovers their roles, enabling you to import all farms in SysKit Insights in just a few minutesInsights also displays custom dashboards with only the most important and relevant performance counters regarding the server’s role.

Insights can offer a lot when it comes to performance monitoring, including:

 Constant monitoring of 30-plus SharePoint specific performance counters

 30-day data retention, enabling you to analyze performance and spot trends

 Ability to intervene if something goes wrong

 Prediction of future problems

 Ensuring that your environment always runs smoothly

Solve Problems Proactively

SysKit Insights will track all detected alerts in one centralized place and send alerts to your email as soon as they occur. You will know if any performance component of your SharePoint environment is degraded, and then you can check what is going wrong and fix it proactively, rather than wait for it to affect the end user and your phone to start ringing.


SharePoint Farm Health Reports

Receive a SharePoint Health Overview report daily or weekly directly to your inbox, quickly browse through the easy-to-read report on your phone or PC to see the state of your environment.

Such reports are very useful for both managers and admins because you can instantly spot trends and be notified about alerts, events, SharePoint page response, and other metrics.

Managers and admins will love receiving SharePoint farm overviews with these easy-to-digest reports.


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