SharePoint Page Performance Monitoring

Monitor SharePoint pages from end user’s perspective and gain valuable insights.

Easily detect if SharePoint is slow or sluggish for your end users.

Instantly Know the State of Your Pages

Get instant access to response header metrics such as:

  • Uptime
  • X-SPHealthScore
  • SPRequestDuration
  • SPIISLatency
  • Page Response Time

If any of those metrics are above standard values SysKit Insights will alert you, so you can take action before end users experience issues. You can rest easy knowing that your SharePoint pages are always monitored and that if your end users experience slowness you will know right away.

Why Is My SharePoint Page Slow?

With a quick glance, you can see your page’s score and know how healthy it is. In addition, you will see how long it took for each resource type (HTML, Javascript, Images, CSS, Fonts) to load, and you will know what causes slowness.

You can even go further and explore the waterfall model of a page to see every loaded element and discover the ones causing issues and slowdowns. Is it DNS lookup, SSL or proxy negotiation? You will see in details how long it takes for each request on the SharePoint page to load.

Diagnosing Performance Issues

Receive alerts and spot critical metrics for each monitored page. If your SharePoint Online page or on-premises SharePoint farm starts responding poorly you will receive correlation ID (GUID) that you can take and report back to Microsoft so they can investigate what is going on.


Access SysKit Insights via web browser

Use SysKit Insights in a Web Browser

  • Share graphs and other data with your colleagues with a simple URL
  • Allow access by your managers or other admins
  • More users can access the app at the same time
  • Easily export data directly from your browser

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