Intra-farm latency monitoring

Ping success rate
Check the ratio between successful and sent pings between your WFE and the SQL servers.
Pings longer than 1ms
These pings hurt your farm, so keep them under control.
Real-time email alerts
If ping times go up, you will receive an alert immediately so you can intervene.

What should you aim for?

Microsoft’s SharePoint hardware requirements dictate a highly consistent intra-farm latency of less than 1 ms 99.9% of the time over ten minutes.

Meeting this hardware requirement is crucial for a stable farm. So much so that Microsoft’s support also depends on meeting this goal.

Best SharePoint latency solution

Use powerful real-time and historical data together with graphical visualization to make detailed reports and determine the cause of any problems.

Syskit Insights is explicitly designed to monitor the compliance of your farm.