ULS, SQL, & Windows Event Logs in One Place

Every SharePoint environment experiences problems and every system administrators goal should be to remove them with as little downtime as possible. That is often-challenging task, but SysKit Insights can help you do it painlessly.

Simplified farm troubleshooting

SysKit Insights Event Viewer collects ULS logs, SQL logs, and Windows Event Logs from all servers across all farms and enables you to search through, filter or export them from a single location, which saves time for you and your team because all the logs are consolidated.

You don’t have to wait anymore for an end user to experience an issue before you can fix it. SysKit Insights will make troubleshooting SharePoint farms far easier because now you can find the information you need in seconds. 

  • Gather and searches through ULS, SQL, and Windows Event logs from all servers across all farms
  • Filter data by category, source, server, message, event ID, and correlation ID
  • Work in real time and collects events continuously
  • Make all events accessible in a single place
  • Explore historic data to get a better understanding of your environment
  • Filter results, export to Excel, and deep dive
  • Receive real-time email alerts when monitored events appear in any of the logs


Filter event logs and switch between different views                  Event Viewer - Search through Event Log, SharePoint ULS, and SQL logs.

   SysKit Insights is capable of retaining 1 TB of data and over 2 billion logs which is far beyond the extendability of Microsoft ULS viewer and allows you to keep more troubleshooting-crucial data.