ULS, SQL, and Windows Event Logs from All Servers in One Place

In a multi-server environment, searching for the logs you need can be a fairly complicated process, that requires you to log into each server individually, and even then, you have no easy way of finding them.

SysKit Insights will find you any log you need, quickly, in a simple-to-use interface.

Centralized SharePoint Troubleshooting

 Gather and search ULS, SQL, and Windows Event logs across all servers and farms

 Filter data by category, source, server, message, event ID, and correlation ID

 Works in real time and collects events continuously

 Receive real-time email alerts when monitored events appear in any of the logs



Be Alerted to Specific Events & Avoid Issues

You no longer have to wait for an end user to experience an issue before you can fix it. Make troubleshooting far easier by setting up alerts for specific events, being alerted and fixing all errors before they become problems.

SysKit Insights- Centralized Event Viewer

Minimize SharePoint Downtime

Every SharePoint estate experiences problems and every system admins goal should be to fix them with as little downtime as possible.

 Save time

 Be alerted to errors as soon as they occur

 Have centralized control over your environment

SysKit Insights is capable of retaining 1 TB of data and over 2 billion logs which is far beyond the extendability of Microsoft ULS Viewer.

Access SysKit Insights in a Web Browser


  • Share reports and other data with your colleagues with a simple URL
  • Allow access by your managers or other admins
  • More users can access the app at the same time
  • Easily export data directly from the browser

Access SysKit Insights via web browser


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