Track SharePoint performance

Syskit Insights is a centralized SharePoint performance monitoring tool for on-prem, online, and hybrid environments. It lets you troubleshoot easily and truly know your farm’s health – from an intuitive desktop app or a web browser.

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Centralized SharePoint monitoring with intelligent alerts

Syskit Insights lets you quickly get to the bottom of things while also having your back with real-time notifications, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

  • Centralized SharePoint logs

    Syskit Insights centralized SharePoint logs

    Search, filter, and export ULS, SQL, or Windows event logs across all servers and farms. Find out what caused an error in seconds.

  • Page performance monitoring

    Syskit Insights page performance

    Monitor your SharePoint pages’ uptime, health, and other relevant metrics and gain valuable insights. Figure out why a page is slow and easily fix it.

  • Intelligent alerting

    Syskit Insights Intelligent alerting

    Receive real-time email notifications if a page goes down, SharePoint services stop running, performance counters go critical, and more.

  • Monitor intra-farm latency

    Syskit Insights monitor intra-farm latency

    Ensure that you always satisfy Microsoft’s minimal requirements and that your farm network provides a smooth experience.

  • Farm health reports

    Syskit Insights farm health

    Overview of the SharePoint farm health allows managers and admins to quickly see trends in a simple-to-understand report.

I like using Syskit Insights to measure page performance and put objective numbers to how quickly a page loads.

Todd Klindt – SharePoint Architect, Microsoft MVP