Free Server Monitor Tool – SysKit Insights Lite

SysKit Insights Lite – Monitor Server Performance and Check Server Health



Track servers via interactive live dashboards!

Automatically discover or manually add servers and server groups to the dashboard – SharePoint, SQL Server, SQL Server AlwaysOn, or any other! Get information on online/offline server status, performance warnings, and server roles.


Server Auto-Discover Wizard

Autodiscover SharePoint farms and accompanying servers, as well as SQL Servers, in all your domains. Use SysKit Insights Lite to accelerate administration and make troubleshooting easier. Simply choose a domain or the organizational unit you wish to explore and start monitoring!



Performance Counters Check

Use the interactive dashboard to detect if your servers are currently online or offline. Track their RAM, CPU and disk data. Audit the most important performance counters and see how the servers are performing. Monitor warning alerts and keep your servers healthy!

A simplified way of looking at your servers!


Colored tiles notify you when a
server reaches a critical state.


Export the list of servers to Excel,
and filter your data.


Manually add server groups,
servers, and change server roles.

Start monitoring your servers with a free monitoring and troubleshooting tool - SysKit Insights Lite!

Download a free tool and start your SharePoint monitoring