Land a job with the tips from our HR expert

Follow these simple steps and bring your A game to the interview

Thoroughly read job descriptions

Take the time to understand exactly what we expect from applicants for the job positions that interest you. Carefully read the detailed description of what the job entails. 



Create an original cover letter

Make sure to write a cover letter specific to your accomplishments and skills and one that addresses the job description properly. Go a step further and mention how you will use that knowledge and those skills on the job.

Make your resume eye-catching

Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and make our job easier:

  • Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type, and clear headings.
  • Selectively apply bold and italic typeface that help guide the reader’s eye.
  • Use bullets to call attention to important points (i.e. accomplishments).


Highlight your accomplishments

Focus on what you did on the job, not what your job was. Include a one or two top-line job description first, then list your accomplishments. Before submitting your application make sure it is checked for grammar and spelling errors.

Prepare for the interview

Apply these tips and you’ll go a long way:

  • Research the organization
  • Compare your qualifications to the job requirements
  • Prepare responses
  • Think of questions to ask your interviewer



Use your time at the interview

Our selection interviews last approximately one hour. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to show us your skill set and motivation, but also to get to know us.

Starting a new career or changing a company is an important decision in your life, so we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Stay positive

Even if we decide that you’re not a fit for the applied position, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be for another one. Stay positive and persistent.

We value our job candidates and invite you to review future job openings. We would also be glad to stay in touch and let you know if there is a position that fits your skills and aspirations. 



We could give you a whole lot more tips, but for landing a job at SysKit, the most important piece of advice is: 

Be yourself because we would like to get to know YOU!