Real-Time Performance Monitoring

With all the most important performance counters at your fingertips, we help you monitor all your servers and workstations from a single console.

Monitor server activity in real-time via SysKit Web App.

Monitor server activity

Monitor server performance in real time and review all users and processes running on your RD Session Host and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop. The following important metrics are available:

  • User count and Process count
  • CPU and Memory Usage
  • Disk Free Space, Disk Read, Disk Write, Disk Queue, Disk Transfers (IOPS)
  • Network Throughput – Sent and Received Mbps

Check real-time RD Session Host and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop performance, including CPU, memory, network, and storage status.

Live server performance Dashboard

New data is retrieved every 15 seconds, and the information is shown in a chart to make comparisons easy. Red is bad, green is good – it cannot get simpler than that. Double-clicking on a specific Windows or Citrix server in the dashboard chart opens a whole new world of possibilities and useful data.

Monitoring and reporting available anytime and anywhere!

You need to be able to access your mission-critical environment reports wherever you are at any time. The SysKit web application will show you all the reports and charts you need. You can access all reports from SysKit application trough the web, and use filtering options the same way as in the desktop application.

Get a performance overview for a specific Microsoft Windows Server/Citrix XenApp Server.

Server performance reports

This overview, in which each counter has its own diagram, shows server status based on values during the previous 15 minutes. If you want to go deep and explore what happened in different time range, such as last week or month, clicking on each diagram takes you to a larger dynamic graph with this specific data.

Real-time Alerting

Alerts are crucial for effectively monitoring the performance of your server environment. SysKit provides intelligent alerting, that avoids unnecessary notifications, and you can identify and stop potential problems at an early stage. For example, when the resource usage level for a server is nearing its limit, when the number of sessions on a server has reached a critical limit, or when critical services on servers have stopped or crashed, SysKit will trigger an alert to notify you, take action to automatically fix the problems, and tell you whether the actions are successful.

Monitoring the performance of the Remote Desktop Session Host and XenApp is easy using the following reports:

  • Server performance dashboard
  • CPU, Disk, Memory or Network report
  • Application performance – real-time and history report
  • User performance – real-time and history report

  • Examine our detailed screenshots to see how our tool makes employee monitoring much easier: