Real-Time Performance Monitoring

With every existing performance metric at your fingertips, we help you monitor all your servers and workstations from a single console!

Live system performance dashboards

Gain insight into the overall status of your system using SysKit built-in performance dashboards. The real-time data at your disposal include system health status, critical performance counters, real-time alerts log, and a full list of monitored servers containing their health status and important performance counters. Red is bad, green is good – it cannot get simpler than that! Double-clicking on a specific server, performance counter, or alert in the dashboard chart enables you to dig deeper into performance data and track the server’s behavior over time.

Monitor server activity in real-time via SysKit Web App.

Monitoring and reporting available anytime and anywhere!

You need to be able to access your mission-critical environment reports on the go at any time. The SysKit web application is reachable from any device with internet connection and web browser. You can access all the reports you need, and use filtering options the same way as in the desktop app.
Get a full overview of all SysKit alerts over time.

Real-time Alerting

SysKit provides intelligent alerting that avoids unnecessary notifications and allows you to identify and stop problems at an early stage. For example, when the resource usage level for a server is nearing its limit, or critical service on server have stopped, SysKit will trigger an alert to notify you, take action to fix the problem, and tell you whether the action was successful.

Server performance analysis

In case you need to go deeper into the data and explore what is happening with your server performance, use performance reports. Detailed Server Analysis allows you to track specific performance metrics for SharePoint and SQL, such as number of transactions or number of users accessing SharePoint farm. You can also monitor specific performance metrics for all other server roles like Citrix or Exchange.

Check out what server performance data SysKit provides you with:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory usage
  • Disk utilization and free space
  • Network bandwidth
  • Detailed server analysis for all performance metrics reflecting specific server roles
  • Real-time and historical alerts

All reports are exportable to Excel and can be sent as a subscription via email, saved to file, or saved in the SharePoint library of your choice.

  • Examine our screenshots to see how our tool makes server performance monitoring much easier: