Mastering Data Security in the Pharma Industry with SysKit Point

Ensure compliance in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry and protect your sensitive data within and outside your company environment. Meet SysKit Point, a management and governance platform for Microsoft 365 trusted by pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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2022-05-25 19:00

The Pharma Powerhouse: Your Centralized Platform for Data Governance, Reporting, and Provisioning across M365

Faced with growing security challenges, pharma industry companies must comply with strict regulations, protect their data and reputation. A failure on any of these fronts can cost millions, which is why having complete visibility of their networks, users, and devices is a requirement rather than an option.

SysKit Point, a management and governance platform for Microsoft 365, has helped our pharmaceutical customers reduce data loss risks, improve efficiency by up to 50%, and achieve operational excellence by streamlining data management. In this live demo of SysKit Point, you will learn how to:

Discover comprehensive security reporting

Detect who has access to what across your M365 and ensure full compliance with GxP, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other industry regulations with the Permissions Matrix report.

Provide centralized control over document management systems

Have a single dashboard report for user permissions and memberships across your entire M365 inventory with User Access reports.

Prevent sensitive data leaks

Control external sharing activity and discover which content is vulnerable to security breaches with External Sharing reports.

About our Presenter

Hrvoje Bagarić

Product Dev Lead @SysKit

Hrvoje went from a C# backend developer to researching the latest trends in the JavaScript world while speaking about his experiences at WinDays, Advanced Technology Days, and local meetups.

Today he is focused on improving SysKit products to better meet customers’ needs and invigorate the current market. His typical day involves managing and coordinating product development projects in terms of technical feasibility, design optimization, and production challenges.


2022-05-25 19:00
2022-05-25 19:00
Hrvoje Bagaric Product Dev Lead @SysKit

SysKit Point Demo

Hrvoje will demonstrate how implementing SysKit Point with its powerful set of features is the best way to ensure regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data and streamline data management in the pharmaceutical industry.

2022-05-25 19:20
Hrvoje Bagaric Product Dev Lead @SysKit

Q&A Session

Collect any questions you have on the subject and get specific answers that will make your life easier, save you time, and mitigate the risks of data leaks.