Office 365 External Sharing and Reporting With SysKit Point

Let SysKit Point’s Lead Product Owner, Mario Znika guide you through the key external sharing reports of SysKit Point.

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If You're Sharing, SysKit Point Is Caring

Microsoft 365 is a great collaboration space for anyone partnering up with vendors or external agencies. In this mini session, site and team owners will learn how to utilize SysKit Point’s powerful reports and governance policies to avoid security breaches or unauthorized access.

Report on External Users and Shared Content

Get reports on external users, the type of sharing links, and externally shared content. Remove the users or links directly from the reports.

Recertify Guest Users

Learn how Syskit Point helps you detect inactive external users and regularly clean them up from your workspaces.

Review Access to Your Content

Regularly review who has access to your content and ensure secure collaboration across your workspaces.

About the Presenter

Mario Znika

Lead Product Owner @SysKit

Mario is one of the most knowledgeable people at SysKit and is a part of the team for more than ten years. Leading the development of every part of the tool, without him, SysKit Point would be less awesome.


2021-05-26 16:00
Mario Znika Lead Product Owner @SysKit

Office 365 External Sharing and Reporting with SysKit Point

Mario will show you how to use SysKit Point for guest user governance and reporting: how to control your external sharing, keep an eye on your external users, and ensure there are no inactive guests.  After the session, Mario will answer all your questions.

Recording will be available soon