Welcome to the most powerful server monitoring tool in the history of Acceleratio: SysKit 2016

The story of our server monitoring tools began back in 2008. After Terminal Services Log, Virtual Desktop Monitor, Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor, and Server Monitoring Toolkit had been launched and used by many, and after we had continually worked on improving them, the time came to bring all four products together into one, and the idea for SysKit was born! We’ve been working hard for the past few years to realize this idea and to provide our customers with one powerful monitoring tool with all the features and functionalities in one place.

This year we celebrated our sixth birthday and expanded our Acceleratio family even more. Accordingly, it couldn’t be a better time for the biggest release ever of our server-monitoring tools. We are very proud of all our products but we have decided to retire the previous monitoring solutions and instead concentrate our best work on SysKit for server performance monitoring.


Click here to download SysKit.

Background behind the SysKit name and appearance

We thought and thought about the name and then the idea of SysKit – SYStem Admin ToolKIT – was born along with the whale as its logo. Wondering why a whale? Simply, “kit” in Croatian means “whale,” so there it is. An interesting fact, don’t you think? You can read more about it here.


Meet SysKit and its features

Are you wondering why SysKit is so great? Have you ever imagined one mighty tool for monitoring the performance of your servers and workstations, employee activity, application usage and much, much more? SysKit provides all this, in real time! When it comes to technology, SysKit supports everything – Windows Servers and clients, Citrix XenApp, Remote Desktop Services, and RD Gateway. It’s designed to be a single application for all your servers and platforms.

You’ll be happy to hear that all the monitoring and reporting features of all our older server monitoring products remain the same with SysKit, so let’s highlight a few of the most important ones. For a detailed summary of all the features and improvements, take a look at the official release note.

Live monitoring of server performance, users, and apps

SysKit’s system dashboard displays server performance data in real time. Are you curious about CPU, memory usage, or disk performance? The dashboard shows all the important performance metrics and pinpoints potentially critical states for each of them. Besides this, SysKit allows you to monitor users’ logging activities on your servers and you can easily check all the running applications and app sessions.

Real-time alerting

SysKit provides intelligent alerting, which can help you to troubleshoot important issues faster. It can send you alerts for key performance counters, sessions, and services, and as well, it can classify the importance of these alerts. You can avoid unnecessary notifications and focus on the important ones.

Manage Alerts - Set Alert Level

Reporting via a web application

You can monitor your system and receive reports anywhere using the SysKit web application. All reports can be accessed from the SysKit desktop application through the web interface, which has filtering options. It is ideal for busy managers and chief information officers who travel a lot.

Please check the official release note for a detailed overview of the features.

Edition and licensing changes

This release brings changes to our licensing. SysKit is available as a single full-feature edition and different license packs can be bought for servers, workstations, or RD Gateway. Choose between the available packs or request a custom quote. Check out our affordable prices and pricing options here. There are no worries for our existing customers. All customers of the Terminal Services Log, Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor, and Server Monitoring Toolkit with valid Software Assurance will be able to upgrade to the full-feature SysKit 2016 version at no cost. Sounds great, right?

Give it a try!

And last but not least, don’t compromise on server monitoring. SysKit has it all! Give it a try. Download a free 30-day trial and see SysKit in action. If you have any questions, check out the FAQs or feel free to contact us.