We have just released SysKit 2016 – 7.1.0

We have shipped SysKit 2016 – 7.1.0. It’s one of the minor releases with a couple of added features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Click here to download the new release.

Product version: 7.1.0
Build number: 27384
Database version: 7.1.0

Release date: Thursday, December 10, 2015

Features and Improvements

  • The Extract Audit Log system job and Audit Log Reports category have been renamed to Extract Event Log and Event Log Reports. The reports within the Event Log Reports category have been reorganized; they now include two new reports.
    • Restart Log: This report comes in handy if you want to figure out whether Windows Update or someone else restarted your servers or if you’re just curious about how many times you’ve rebooted in the recent past.
    • System Uptime: This report is useful to system administrators who want to see how long a Microsoft Windows system has been powered on without a restart or who want to see if a reboot has been applied to the system recently.
  • Performance Reports – The Overview, Real-Time and History reports now have a new process counter: IO Data Operations/sec! This counter shows the rate at which the process is issuing read and write I/O operations. It counts all I/O activity generated by the process including file, network, and device I/Os.
  • SysKit Data Collector can now collect performance counters from monitored servers!
  • Retrieving running sessions and processes from monitored servers has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Retrieving users’ activities from the product database resulted in wrong session start and end times on the IP Addresses and Clients report.
  • Logging user activity created unnecessary entries on the IP Addresses and Clients report when the Public IP fetching option was enabled.
  • Frequent Null Reference Exceptions are now handled properly.
  • Issues related to user’s session end times and multiplication have been resolved.
  • The State filter on the Current Sessions report was not working properly when it contained only one item.
  • SQL Authentication is working properly now! Customers who had this issue can now successfully upgrade to a new version.
  • SQLDateTime overflows while updating installed programs on monitored servers are now handled properly.
  • Occasional SysKit Service crashes when reading from the Windows Event Log in some environments have been resolved.
  • SysKit application crashes when clicking User Metrics in the User Activities Dashboard have been resolved.