Remote Desktop Services

[Video] Webinar – User activity monitoring with SysKit

Since User Activity Monitoring is SysKit’s most popular feature, we have decided to prepare you this webinar. Learn which SysKit reports you should be using to detect idle users, track remote connections, and create automated payroll reports. Audit applications started by users and quantify the load they are producing on your system.

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Terminal Server Logging on Workstations

When discussing Terminal Server logging, we are interested in monitoring user sessions connecting from a workstation. SysKit analyzes Terminal Server log data and users in real time and as well as it keeps history records, which you can use to check who was logged on, where and for how long. Now let’s go over some of the most common use cases for Terminal Server Logging on workstations that our clients are using.

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Remote Desktop Services User Session Log Summary

If you’re interested in tracking the activity for every remote desktop user that connected to the RDS farm sorted by daily user reports, The Remote Desktop Services user session log summary report could be just the thing you need. Read the article and discover how to use this custom report to track when a certain user connected to the remote desktop servers, their first log-on and last-log off time for the remote users, total time spent connected in a session, and time spent in active and idle session state.

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[Video] System Performance Monitoring with SysKit: Servers, Services and Apps

We decided to prepare a video about performance monitoring of your Windows Server infrastructure using SysKit. We are going to show you how you can review the status of all your servers, generate a complete overview of all counters running on your servers, track all app processes, manage thresholds, monitor services, receive notifications on critical warning states, and much more. Check it out!

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Find out who is still using Windows XP to connect to your Remote Desktop Server

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. However we all know that there are millions of XP machines still being used every day. SysKit is here to help you find those users.

Wanna find out who is still using Windows XP to connect to your Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Server? SysKit allows you to easily pinpoint users that are still using old RDP clients.

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