PowerShell Administration

CredSSP required by server – Solutions

“Failed to connect, CredSSP required by server” is an error line returned when trying to connect remotely to a Windows machine using RDP version 6 or newer with the Rdesktop client. Learn why does it happen, what are the possible solutions, and what is CredSSP.

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Remote Server Management with PowerShell

Using PowerShell for remote server management provides advanced administration capabilities, saves time, and prevents human errors. In this article, you’ll learn about remote server management tricks, PowerShell scripting, common system administration tasks, and how can SysKit help you with them.

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How to automate your server environment with PowerShell management

Last week, Silvio and Frane held a webinar on the subject of PowerShell usage in server management, and in this blog post we bring you a recap of all the things you can do with a new SysKit feature—PowerShell Administration. Administer your entire environment remotely and automate system administration tasks by executing PowerShell scripts on multiple servers.

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