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SysKit 2016 – now officially released!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to find out what has gone wrong with the servers and why, whether it’s CPU usage, memory usage, a program behaving badly, or something else? It would definitely be nice to know all these things and more. That’s why SysKit exists.

SysKit 2016 brings real-time alerts, intelligent alerting, and monitoring functionality to enable you to instantly report on server performance. It also comes with the Web UI, which allows you to access all reports and monitor your server environment from wherever you are.

Still haven’t tried SysKit? A 30-day free trial is available!

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Welcome to the most powerful server monitoring tool in the history of Acceleratio: SysKit 2016

The time came to bring all our monitoring products together into one, and the SYStem Admin ToolKIT – SysKit was born! We’ve been working hard for the past few years to realize this idea and to provide our customers with one powerful monitoring tool with all the features and functionalities in one place. Check out background story behind SysKit and get to know our amazing tool.

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Citrix XenApp Monitoring

With SysKit you can monitor your Citrix environment with the help of CPU load reports and other performance counters, processes, services, and events. You can even generate different report and monitor XenApp user activity data for all users in the Citrix farm.

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