Inventory Management

Software License Management – how and why?

Discover what are the software license management best practices. It’s understandable how you might overlook the whole license management process, so in this article, we discuss the importance of software licensing, types of software licensing, potential licensing traps, and how can SysKit help you with it.

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SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0 – 20,000 Metrics Under the Sea!

With update 2016 R2 – 8.0, SysKit is bringing you some revolutionary new features! The biggest addition is the ability to analyze SharePoint performance and track all existing server performance metrics. Let’s just say that’s A LOT OF METRICS! In addition, you can now generate automated server documentation using PowerShell, monitor specific server roles, and split your servers into multiple logical groups.

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How to optimize server resources

Excess or lack of software and physical server resources can pose a serious problem. Optimizing those resources is a mighty hard task without proper tools to assist you. SysKit provides you with a number of useful Application and Performance reports to help you optimize your server resources.

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