SysKit Celebrates 9th Birthday!

This year, SysKit is celebrating its ninth birthday! We have accomplished so much since our humble beginnings in 2009.

From two guys working in a home office, we’ve grown to become a reputable company with 55 team members, a cool office, six products, and more than 3000 satisfied customers worldwide. 

A Brief History of SysKit

The company started in 2009 as Acceleratio, with the launch of our first server-monitoring product – Terminal Services Log. We continued to grow while focusing more and more on providing SharePoint solutions.  

2017 was a big year for our company. We rebranded from Acceleratio to SysKit and moved to a bigger office. On top of all that, we received an investment from an established British SQL Server provider, Redgate, who acquired one of our products.

This year, we enriched our palette of SharePoint solutions with two new products – SysKit Insights and SysKit Security Manager.  With the mission of changing the way how system admins do their everyday tasks, we will continue to launch easy-to-use administration tools.

Dear reader, this is the functionality of our former product, SysKit Security Manager. Check out our new cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance solution, SysKit Point, to monitor user activity, manage permissions, make reports, and govern your users and resources.


SysKit is Growing

Since the beginning of this year, SysKit has been recording constant employment growth. As our product list grows and our products become more advanced, our team is also becoming bigger and bigger.

Our team is growing by 30 percent

Here are the numbers: since the beginning of the year, our full-time team has grown by an amazing 30 percent and overall we hit the number of 55 team members! We have built up the power of several departments. We enhanced our sales and marketing department as well as the development team, with a full-stack and front end developer, and a UX designer.

Last month we started another student internship program and gained four new students, while some of last year’s interns have upgraded to full-time employees. From the very start, we have supported the employment of young people. It’s no wonder that the average age of our employees is 28. We offer great opportunities for students, such as summer internships and workshops.

Statistics say – employees love working with us

Every employer should be happy to have satisfied workers, so we’re proud to say that our employees love working with us. The average job tenure of a SysKit developer is four years, which is a long time, considering that the IT industry average is 1.5 to 2 years.

We’re also proud of our employee engagement rate, which is high, at 8.1 out of 10. This statistic shows how well employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, and motivated to contribute to organizational success. Check our infographic below.

SysKit celebrates the ninth birthday

We continually strive to keep our employees happy with various benefits and perks. We regularly attend world-class conferences, sharpen our skills at a variety of seminars, and hang out at adventurous team buildings.

If you’d like to become a part of our awesome team, check our open positions or learn more about us in our company video.

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