SysKit Security Manager: Manage Microsoft Teams & OneDrive Security

We are excited to announce the latest release of your favorite SharePoint and Office 365 management tool – SysKit Security Manager v4. This new version brings support for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive management and reporting for Office 365 Global Admins.

Dear reader, this is the functionality of our former product, SysKit Security Manager. Check out our new cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance solution, SysKit Point, to monitor user activity, manage permissions, make reports, and govern your users and resources.

To help you avoid any clutter, and gain a deeper insight into your tenant we’ve added management and reporting for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive; check guest access, storage and usage, user, team or group settings. More on what’s new, read on our What’s New page.

If you’re not yet using SysKit Security Manager, download a free trial and see it in action for yourself.

Manage settings and members in Microsoft Teams 

Since by default each Office 365 user can create a Team, things can easily get out of hand, and your end users can make a big mess out of your tenant, fast. As our goal is to make admins’ life easier we added a few carefully picked features in new SysKit Security Manager, that can help you manage your tenant timely and precisely.

Manage Microsoft Teams settings

In the Microsoft Teams screen, you can browse to find all your active and archived teams within a selected tenant. From the same interface, you can see the tenant-wide settings for all the teams, without going into Active Directory or Office 365 admin portal. All of the team-wide settings are adjustable as well, all from the same central console.

manage microsoft teams settings

Manage Microsoft Teams members and bulk actions

But that’s not all, drill down into each team and explore and manage each Microsoft Teams’ owner, members and/or guest access. For each Team, SysKit Security Manager will show all associated channels. There are also our bulk management options –  add or remove multiple team owners or members.

manage microsoft teams members

Not to mention, you can clone and delete a team with a single click.

clone and manage microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams guest access

Reporting on external sharing and keeping track of guest users became extremely important with simplified user management that Office 365 brings. 

This is why we added a dedicated Team with Guests report to SysKit Security Manager. This report will list in a single view all teams in a tenant with guest users active.  There’s no easier way to report on guests and not to mention it’s not available as out of the box SharePoint option. 

microsoft teams guest users report

Let us not forget, all of our reports are exportable in Excel, so in case you are in need of some extra power (filtering, graphs, etc.) you can easily download and analyze your data further.

Take control of storage and external sharing in OneDrive 

As you know with every Office 365 license, each user gets a personal OneDrive for Business storage to save their important files. This too, can become easily tricky. Unused storage, approaching the quota, files that may compromise with your company’s policies or unauthorized sharing, are just some of the things you should be careful with.

OneDrive usage analytics and activity reporting

In our new OneDrive reporting section you can find all OneDrive accounts in your tenant and drill down into each to report on OneDrive permissions. Here are a couple of things you can do: 

icon-00 List of all users’ OneDrive accounts and their used storage and quota from a single screen.

icon-00 View storage warnings for each OneDrive approaching the warning or critical threshold. 

icon-00 Check OneDrive adoption rate and user activity – manage your resources wisely and give great reporting to the management.


OneDrive guest access and orphaned users

Guest user sharing in SharePoint and Office 365 is easier than everso it’s crucial to know who has access to important files and sensitive data in your tenant, at all times. SysKit Security Manager does just that, reports on all external sharing and permission setting, even in your (users’) OneDrive.

Easily report on all OneDrive permissions for all personal sites (or a specific one). To list all guest access permissions, meaning OneDrive sites shared with external users, just run the OneDrive with Guests report in your SysKit Security Manager console. And if you need to take action into your own hands, and manage all file sharing, you can do that easily from the same console, with a single click. 


Resource management is usually a high priority in every company, so to keep the health of your environment at the optimal level, and keep your bosses happy, you need to clean all the unnecessary content and users out of the tenant. 

To help you with OneDrive created mess, our new report Orphaned OneDrive will show you a list of all orphaned OneDrive accounts inside a tenant, meaning all of the accounts whose owners are either deleted or disabled in the Active Directory. Optimize your costs easily by removing orphaned users‘ licenses or transferring their ownership to the superior manager or an admin. 



Dear reader, as we mentioned in the beginning, this blog post is about our former product, SysKit Security Manager. But, if you want to improve Microsoft Teams and OneDrive security, check out our platform SysKit Point and give it a try for free or schedule a 1-on-1 demo.


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