New in SysKit Security Manager: Automatic Discovery of Site Collections

We are excited to announce the latest release of your favorite SharePoint security management tool. With this newest version of SysKit Security Manager, controlling the growth and security of your SharePoint environment is easier than ever.

Dear reader, this is the functionality of our former product, SysKit Security Manager. Check out our new cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance solution, SysKit Point, to monitor user activity, manage permissions, make reports, and govern your users and resources.

We’ve added the ability for Office 365 Global Admins and SharePoint Farm Admins to discover all site collections and Office 365 groups automatically. Besides this, the tool’s reporting section is now even richer with new Security and Health Checks Reports.

If you’re not yet using SysKit Security Manager, download a free trial and see it in action for yourself.

For details of all the improvements and bug fixes read our official release note.

Discover and connect to SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365 site collections

If you are Farm Administrator, you can now automatically discover all site collections in selected farms and select site collections you want to manage. You can also add site collections manually by importing them from a file.

Global Administrators can automatically discover and connect to all site collections and Office 365 groups in the tenant

icon-00 Discover and manage site collections


icon-00 Discover and manage Office 365 groups


This feature will quickly give you a complete overview of your SharePoint On-Premise and Office 365 environment. Keep up to date with all changes and manage permissions more efficiently from a single interface.

Take snapshots of your environment

Now you can choose which site collections will be included in a snapshot. Let SysKit Security Manager either autodiscover new site collections or select from existing connections. It will crawl your environment and take a snapshot of all permissions for your sites, lists, libraries, documents, and items. You can then use these snapshots to keep an eye on your SharePoint permission changes over time and create security and permissions reports.

Explore Security Audit and Health Check Reports

icon-00 Use the Security Audit Report to see all users with privileged access on the tenant or farm.

icon-00 Detect and report on all users who have directly assigned permissions within a selected site collection(s). For greater security, consider avoiding granting permissions directly to individuals and instead, as best practice, assign permissions through group membership.

icon-00 Get an overview of all the lists, items, and folders with unique permissions and consider removing inappropriate access to strengthen your data security. Also, consider creating a site or library for sensitive documents, rather than having them scattered in a larger library, and protect them by giving them unique permissions.


Whether you’re a SharePoint admin, site collection admin or consultant, SysKit Security Manager will help you control the security of your environment. Give it a try for free or check out our Pricing.

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