SysKit Security Manager 6: Scheduled Office 365 Reporting

Dear reader, this is the functionality of our former product, SysKit Security Manager. Check out our new cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance solution, SysKit Point, to monitor user activity, manage permissions, make reports, and govern your users and resources.

Our SysKit Security Manager development team keeps impressing us – the new version of your favorite Office 365 admin tool is out and its ready to rock! Version 6 brings new scheduling options for Office 365 security reports and snapshots, making your life easier than ever. Take that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning, as SysKit Security Manger will do the job for you. Read more to see how!

Schedule Office 365 reports & make your managers happy

Scheduled reports for Office 365 has finally arrived in SysKit Security Manager! We’ve all been patiently waiting for this new feature. Why? Well, you probably know that the possibility of scheduling reports gives you a whole other level of functionality.

It’s a usual case that managers and IT pros in your organization want to have a general insight into all permissions in the environment. However, often they don’t have global admin access or access to third party tools like SysKit Security Manager. Even if they do, they don’t have the time to navigate through the app, run and export reports repetitively. They just want an executive summary – plain and simple, which they can later compare and analyze. Lucky for you – this is all easy peasy with SysKit Security Manager and the new scheduled reports feature!

schedule-office 365-reports

Reports can be scheduled individually or as a set of reports. You can collect the reports into various sets to meet the needs of various managers. For instance, more important information can be sent out weekly, for example reports regarding external sharing or people with privileged access, compared to regular maintenance reports that could be sent out monthly.


There are no restrictions considering the type of reports, you can schedule any report you want. When working with email delivery, you can easily set up delivery for multiple people or teams. Just select the type of reports, set up the time and frequency, and choose whether to send them via email or save them in a SharePoint document library.

Schedule automatic snapshots and save yourself a hassle

To get scheduled reports we first created scheduled snapshots.  From version 6 and on, you can pick the time and frequency of running automatic snapshots. This means you don’t need to start your snapshot manually every time you wish to collect the data, the tool will do it for you. Previously, you had to run your snapshots manually and, in big environments, that process might have taken up to several hours. The beauty of the automation is in the fact that you no longer have to wait for snapshots to complete – they are generated automatically based on your schedule and wishes.schedule-a-snapshot-of-Office365-environment

Automatic snapshots will give you a periodic insight into your Office 365 based on the time and period you’ve specified. You can schedule them to run at any time and at a chosen frequency: daily, weekly or monthly. The best thing is that you can run your snapshots even if you’re not by your computer, in the office, or even in the country! For example, if you want to get the monthly state of your site collections and users while you’re away on business – you can set a schedule and receive periodic snapshots without breaking a sweat!

Try SysKit Security Manager – your SharePoint and Office 365 Security Ally

Download the new version of SysKit Security Manager now and see for yourself how this improved version makes your Office 365 reporting faster and easier than ever before. Be among the first to try the new version! Start with the 30-day free trial or upgrade to the new version.

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