SysKit Insights – SharePoint Performance and Troubleshooting Tool

SharePoint environments can vary from single server farms to dozens of farms made up of hundreds of servers, but they all have things in common – It’s really important to continuously monitor your servers, ensure maximum uptime, and most importantly provide users with best possible experience.

SysKit Insights is a SharePoint monitoring tool that was developed with those goals in mind. It will help you monitor your servers, troubleshoot them in case of an error, and will even alert you to a potential threat to your system.

SysKit Insights - SharePoint uptime tool

All the Logs in One Place

Admin nightmares begin when an error has occurred and immediate troubleshooting is necessary. To log on to every server in the search for a log that might be able to help you is time-consuming and tedious work, but Insights provides an innovative solution. It gathers all ULS, SQL, and Windows Event logs across all servers and farms into a single location, enabling you to easily search, filter, or export them. SysKit Insights can do jobs that would take you hours in just seconds – for example, searching all logs, across all servers by correlation ID.

SharePoint Performance Under Control

Most organizations require maximum uptime, and that their SharePoint runs flawlessly, but every admin knows how easy it is for something to go wrong with such a complex system.

SysKit Insights is a tool that keeps your SharePoint uptime at a maximum. It will automatically recognize the role of each of your servers and monitor most relevant SharePoint dedicated performance counters according to server role. This allows you to always be up to date and have the most relevant and essential information. Besides that, Insights’ data retention period is 30 days enabling you to analyze your servers over time, and identify trends and potential bottlenecks.

sharepoint performance counters


Relax and Let Insights Monitor Your Environment For You

Instead of just reacting to a problem that has already happened, wouldn’t it be a lot better to prevent it from happening entirely? This is where SysKit Insights’ Intelligent Alerts comes in. Insights will alert you to performance problems, to events that you specified, and to SharePoint status.

You can simply choose what performance counters you want to be alerted about via email notification and SysKit Insights will do the rest. It’s also important to be immediately notified in case of problems with SharePoint, and that is why SysKit Insights will constantly monitor Central Administration, SharePoint Timer Service, and most importantly, site collections, so it can alert you if they become inaccessible.

Download SysKit Insights and try all the benefits it offers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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