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Stories from the sales trenches: How Syskit Point’s Access Review saved the day

This blog post will focus on a customer from the Consulting industry specializing in HR and Health Consulting.

They have been helping millions of clients from offices around the USA. Now, it was our turn to help them.

The pain

The customer initiated their first investigation to find a management solution to their problems after completing their migration to Office 365. From that moment, they realized they were struggling with the adoption of the new environment and were overwhelmed by IT support tickets made by their less experienced Office 365 business users. They wanted to find a solution that will tackle that and take some load off their IT team.

Ivan Mamic Sales Syskit

On our first contact with the customer, we established they needed a more straightforward access management solution with a central pane of glass, which is something that O365 does not provide out-of-the-box. They also struggled with the audit log retention policies in O365. So, our solution, which was providing an extended retention period, allowed them easier reporting and simple delivery to their managers.

Ivan Mamic
Sales Manager, Syskit

The solution

With that in mind, we showcased Syskit Point and all its capabilities in a demo session. While reporting was a vital aspect of the tool, the Access Review’s capabilities caught their eye because they could tackle their adoption problems head-on. So, we started to have a further discussion about that subject.

After the showcase, the next logical step was planning and implementing a free trial. Those were the most crucial steps in the entire process because we defined the criteria and metrics to be met by the customer and us.

In the planning phase, we defined that the testing would cover every aspect of the tool. Still, the most considerable portion of the testing would revolve around the Governance and Access Review. On the deployment session, we tend to bring our deployment team – dedicated professionals who make sure that everything is set up correctly and that the customer can begin using the tool properly.

The implementation and adoption

Enabling the Permissions Review was not something that the customer took without proper preparation since they needed to adopt both tech-savvy users and less experienced users to use it. So, we proposed to firstly test Point with a couple of Office 365-experienced Teams owners. Since those users were all Office 365 experts, the testing part went very smoothly.

In the second part of the testing, the customer enabled Point on sites with business-oriented Teams owners who have less knowledge of Office 365 permissions structures.

The significant challenge here was to empower business users to participate in the permissions review regularly. One of the concerns was that they wouldn’t know what to do once they get the Permissions Review e-mail. We wanted to avoid the situation where business users reach out to the IT team, asking them what they are supposed to do.

However, the results were positive, and Point was very well received. Syskit Point guided business users at each step of the process with clear instructions and a simple UI.

The purchase process

The next phase was the presentation of the results of the testing to the Board. The presentation included:

  • The success criteria that we defined at the beginning of the trial process.
  • ROI and benefits of the solution.
  • A demo of Syskit Point.
  • A live presentation of the Access Review process.

After concluding the test phase and the successful benefit presentation to their Management team, we moved forward to the purchasing process. While we explained the prices and the licenses to the customer at the beginning of the testing phase, we needed to define an appropriate license model that would fit their needs.

The customer decided that the proposed license model was suitable for them. Since their commitment to Office 365 would be in the long term, they decided to commit to Syskit Point for a long-term subscription, too. Opting in for a long-term contract brought them many benefits in terms of multi-year discounts and ongoing support.

This was a successful case where we strived to help our customer who was struggling with O365, making sure that our solution was the right fit for their use case. Of course, the road does not end there. We constantly gather customer feedback and use it to customize Syskit Point to fit your needs the best.

We can’t wait to work on our next challenge, if you want to talk to us, and be a part of this story, reach out to and let us talk about the future.

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