SQLDocKit Supports Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

In November 2016, Microsoft released the long-awaited SQL Server on Linux, which it had announced earlier that year. Public affection toward Linux means that Microsoft SQL Server now runs in a private, public, and hybrid cloud ecosystem, bringing Linux users the most secure and highest-performing databases as well as offering more flexibility. By broadening out to a new set of customers, Microsoft seeks to expand the overall adoption of SQL Server.

SQLDocKit supports SQL Server v.Next

With Microsoft’s growing investment in Linux, Acceleratio Ltd. is hereby thrilled to join the hype and announce that SQLDocKit, our SQL Server administration tool, supports the Microsoft SQL Server v.Next and all of its accompanying features running on Linux.

SQLDocKit supports Linux

So now when SQL Server runs on the Linux operating system, SQLDocKit can connect to the instance running on Linux and perform all the same functions as the instance running on Windows. With SQLDocKit, database administrators can gather data for databases hosted on Linux servers as well as data stored in the SQLDocKit database on the actual Linux server.

Bringing services and tools to where the customers are

Microsoft is betting on Linux, and not for the first time—before there was support for Hyper-V, there were Linux virtual machines on Microsoft Azure. The Azure cloud service uses Linux to handle data center networking (as a specialized component developed by Microsoft but on top of Linux). Now, Microsoft is trying its luck with SQL Server.

Anyhow, steps toward a consistent Linux experience are now linked with Microsoft’s efforts to create a fully featured SQL Server for Linux, just like SQL Server for Windows. And by that time, SQLDocKit will be ready and eagerly waiting.