SPDocKit Survey Results 2018 – Feature Usage and SharePoint Environment Stats

Every year we conduct a survey to get a better picture of how organizations use our SharePoint administration tool SPDocKit, and to get an insight into their SharePoint environments and their plans for the forthcoming year.

Before we present the results of our latest survey, we would like to say that we are thankful to everyone who decided to participate and help us with their feedback.


Survey participants

This survey was completed by SPDocKit customers and people who are using a trial version of this product. Regarding their various roles in their companies, in-house SharePoint administrators took first place, at 31% of survey participants, followed by SharePoint consultants who work with clients, at 26%. Then we also had SharePoint architects (17%) and IT pro/business users (13%).

SharePoint environment stats and plans for 2019

Speaking of SharePoint deployment, most of the organizations that took part in the survey have on-premises deployment (47%), while 27% are using cloud and 26% have hybrid environments.
In 2018 Microsoft released a new version – SharePoint 2019, and we wanted to see which version of SharePoint is mostly being used. Participants reported as follows:

  • SharePoint 2013 – 75%
  • SharePoint 2016 – 57%
  • SharePoint Online – 56%
  • SharePoint 2010 – 30%
  • SharePoint 2019 – 19%
  • SharePoint 2007 – 11%.

* Users were allowed to select more than one answer

More and more companies are deciding to move to cloud, but some are staying with on-premises deployment. We wanted to see the trends and learn about plans for the future, and to ask what is stopping them from moving to cloud. Here are their plans for 2019:

  • Upgrade to a new version of SharePoint – 38%
  • Rolling out hybrid – 23%
  • Moving to SharePoint Online – 19%
  • More on-premises farms – 12%
  • No plans – 8%.

Security and control concerns are the biggest obstacles for most companies when speaking of moving to cloud. Planning, migration, budget, and time are also mentioned as important factors in this big decision.

More results are shown on the infographic below.

SPDocKit feature usage

Surveys are a great way for us to find out what our users and clients want, whether they are satisfied with our product, and if they have any suggestions about what we can improve.

The top three biggest pains when administering SharePoint, as identified by our survey participants, are: security management (user and group permissions), documenting farm configuration, and monitoring farm analytics. This finding confirmed what we heard during the year from our researches, and this is why we have worked hard to create solutions to these problems throughout the last year.

The most used features from SPDocKit are the following.

  • Generating SharePoint farm documentation – it contains all farm configuration settings and allows admins and consultants so save time and avoid manually collecting, copying and pasting data from different places into one file. It is done with a few clicks and this is why people love it.
  • Best Practices reports – compare farm configuration with Microsoft and community recommendations and check that everything is set up properly.
  • Permissions reports and management – get a detailed overview of who has access to what, manage users and groups, manage permissions inheritance and keep everything secure.
  • Analytics and Usage reports – this is a new set of reports which we recently launched and people recognized its value. Users can easily monitor visitors, storage metrics, and SharePoint structure.
  • Compare Farms – compare two farms and the differences in configuration, or track changes over time.

What really makes us happy is the fact that more than 80% of participants found SPDocKit easy to use, intuitive and simple, and 90% said they are very satisfied with the set of features and product quality.

SPDocKit has a free trial. Try it, and let us know if you would like a demo tour. We are looking forward to the new challenges, new friendships, and new accomplishments in 2019!


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