Free tool to autodiscover SharePoint farms – SysKit Insights Lite

The holidays are coming and the SPDocKit team decided to surprise you with a new, totally awesome and above all, useful application to autodetect SharePoint farms in your domain aaaand *drums* wait for it… monitor SharePoint performance in real time.

Did I mention, SysKit Insights Lite is free? Now or whenever you decide to download it. SysKit’s latest product launch, paves the way for solutions that detect SharePoint farms. Pretty straight-forward, right? Solutions like ours enhance visibility, which equals more information which then leads to better monitoring of your environment.

SysKit Insights Lite key features:

  • Autodiscover SharePoint farms, servers within a farm and server roles
  • Overview per server of SharePoint farm performance counters
  • Interactive dashboard with real-time data on server status
  • Option to export real-time server performance metrics in XLSX format


Autodetect SharePoint farms

It happens more often than it should that environments change and you need to detect how many SharePoint farms and servers you have in your domain.

Using a PowerShell script, you could sort of extract the servers in your domain, but to retrieve a list of all SharePoint farms in the environment was much trickier, since there wasn’t a single tool currently out there that could help you with this problem. That’s how we came up with the idea to develop one ourselves.

SysKit Insights Lite can give you an overview of the servers in your farm, the SharePoint version installed, server roles, config databases associated with a particular farm, and the most important performance counters in real time.

Once the autodetecting process is finished, you can, of course, add servers manually, and group and even remove them from your monitoring list. SysKit Insights Lite detects only the servers on which you have local admin permissions. This is necessary because you can’t otherwise discover those servers or retrieve any information about them.

sharepoint performance counters

SharePoint Farm Performance Overview per Server

We developed SysKit Insights Lite as view-only application with an overview of SharePoint farms from a central interactive dashboard. This means that you can monitor the online and offline status of your servers, critical thresholds, and server roles.

How can you be in control if you have no insights into your farms? SysKit Insights Lite keeps you informed about server RAM, CPU, and disk data.

Your pulse doesn’t have to get elevated, since no farm crisis will go undetected with SysKit Insights Lite.

Just fire up the application and see how your servers are performing in real time, and if you see that a server has reached a critical state, you can react right away and attend to that server.

real time sharepoint server performance

Download SysKit Insights Lite – it’s free!

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