SPDocKit 8: SharePoint Analytics and Audit – No More Hide & Seek!

SPDocKit 8 is live! After months of our extensive surveys and research, we created what true SharePoint heroes—admins and consultants—said they need. The new version has powerful auditing, analytics, and content reports.

There are also some exciting new features for permissions reporting. Stay on top of all changes, gain visibility for how visitors are interacting with your SharePoint sites, and monitor farm resources usage. Like a SharePoint inspector, SPDocKit collects all the clues so you can solve every admin puzzle!


Over the past few months, we’ve conducted many surveys and talked to our customers to understand their needs better so that we could deliver exactly what they need in their everyday work. SPDocKit 8 is truly a must-have tool in every SharePoint admin’s toolbelt. It brings farm documentation, auditing, analytics, permissions, and content reporting for SharePoint on-premises into an all-in-one tool!

SharePoint Audit Log Reports: Keep Your Farm Secure!

I’m sure we can all agree that security is and must be a top priority for every admin. Knowing who has done what across your site collections is crucial! SharePoint audit logs allow you to keep track of user activity and get answers to questions like: “What happened to Joe’s permissions?”, “Who deleted the Finance report?”, “Who moved our IT inventory list to where?” and so on.

Detect Changes Across Your Farm

To comply with various regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, to detect malicious behavior, and to keep your data secure, you need to turn on auditing in SharePoint and keep an eye on the audit logs. SPDocKit helps you to stay one step ahead since all user actions and changes are listed in one place. There is no need to use PowerShell.


Get a detailed user-friendly list of all changes that the out-of-the-box SharePoint audit logs cover! Filter, sort, and analyze what your users have done or what has been changed for sites, lists, libraries, list items, and files. It is so easy to stay on top of all changes across your environment, detect who was responsible for an action, and what was affected.

Turn-on Auditing Settings and Custom Data Retention

There is even more. You can check if auditing has been turned on for each site collection and which events are configured to be tracked. Go a step further and use SPDocKit Queries and Rules to create a rule to configure auditing settings on multiple site collections.

You don’t even need to worry about the default SharePoint archiving period, because you can control how long audit log data is kept by setting a custom retention policy.

SharePoint Analytics and Usage: Monitor Farm Utilization

SPDocKit now comes with more than 20 reports that give you deep insights into SharePoint structure, analytics, and farm usage.

SharePoint Analytics: Monitor Visits and Site Usage Metrics

Considering how the amount of content quickly increases every day in SharePoint, you need to monitor and analyze how visitors have interacted with it. The new analytics reports allow you to track the trends in the usage of your site collections and they give you an overview of important adoption metrics, such as storage growth, number of subsites, and the number of hits for your content. These reports provide valuable information, letting you easily find popular or unused sites, check the size of each site, and track site visitors.


New Usage and Storage Metrics Reports

The new usage reports help you to keep your farm clean. Keep track of recently created sites, lists, and documents. You can also find inactive sites, unmodified lists as well as recently modified documents.

Keep an eye on your resources and explore how storage is used with the new extension reports. These summarize the number of documents by extension (such as the number of PDF, MP4, and DOCX files) and their total size. Go a step further and get a complete list of all documents per extension type as well as their total size and number of versions at site collection level.

analytics and usage – 1

Compare User Permissions and Track Changes

Stay on top of all permission changes to keep your data secure! With this new compare option, you can check and compare the assigned permissions for any two principals in a SharePoint installation. Moreover, you can easily track changes in permissions per user through time.

Plus! We revamped the permissions reports and created a powerful permissions matrix report that gives a full overview of user access and how permission levels are assigned across your environment.

Permission matrix

SPDocKit Consultant: Zero Footprint for Clients

The new SPDocKit Consultant has a revamped architecture, which simplifies consultants’ day-to-day operations when working with clients. This new approach helps you to take care of your clients’ farms more efficiently! We’ve simplified how you collect SharePoint farm settings and other data, and there is no need to install and activate the product in a client’s environment any more. More info that explains how this new product works is available here. Thus, you leave behind no trace nor any files, which means that you will have a zero footprint in your client’s environment. Install SPDocKit on your workstation and generate reports easily.

SPDocKit v8: Licensing Changes

Besides new features in SPDocKit v8, there are changes to product edition, licensing, and product pricing. These changes were made as a result of months of customer research because we wanted to remain the preferred “value for money” vendor in the SharePoint market. We simplified the options and now there are two types of license: SPDocKit Farm Subscription for in-house administrators and SPDocKit Consultant Subscription for consultancies. For more details about the new licensing, upgrade paths, and bundles, look at the official blog post.

We have done everything possible to ensure that your upgrade to the new model will be as smooth as possible and that all questions have been answered. However, please contact our Customer Success Experts if you have any doubts or outstanding questions about your upgrade path or renewal options.

SysKit Insights Flying Solo

Please note that all the features of Insights have been deprecated and are no longer part of SPDocKit, but all the monitoring features and more are available in our standalone tool SysKit Insights, which is also available with SPDocKit as a bundle.

SPDocKit: SharePoint Farm Documentation, Auditing, and Analytics An All-in-One Admin Tool

Save time by automating routine admin tasks. Increase data security and audit the changes. Read more about the new version in the official release note. Get SPDocKit with a free 30-day trial!

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