SPDocKit 5.3 – Install your SharePoint Faster than Ever!

Three months have passed and it’s new SPDocKit version time again. SPDocKit 5.3 is a minor release that supports SP2016 Preview and includes a wizard for generating an XML configuration file for AutoSPInstaller and as well there are some permissions management improvements and new useful reports.

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You can check out a more detailed summary of the new features and improvements in our official release note, but here are a few highlights what’s new in SPDocKit 5.3.

AutoSPInstaller XML File Generator

If you have ever wanted to generate an AutoSPInstaller XML configuration file based on your favorite farm settings, SPDocKit, your personal SharePoint genie, can now fulfill your wish. In combination with AutoSPInstaller Online, it quickly generates an XML file to save time when installing SharePoint on other machines.

SPDocKit - Save XML Configuration File

Real-time Permissions Compare

The live permissions comparison is another champion of this release. You no longer have to load SharePoint permissions to compare them. This feature allows you not only to run a live comparison, but you can also compare the current state of permissions with any previously loaded snapshot. Customers using an SPDocKit client installation can also compare SharePoint Online sites without loading them.

Permissions Management Miscellaneous

As we mentioned, there are some new permissions management features:

  • The create SharePoint group action supports adding group members during creation of a group, as well as creating SharePoint groups without granting them any permissions.
  • To see all the available SharePoint groups for a selected object, turn on the Show All Groups option. This will include all SharePoint groups that do not have any permissions granted for the selected object but are defined somewhere on the site collection. These groups will have a grey group icon and will be classified as “No Permissions” objects in the live Permissions Explorer overview.
  • The Clean Site Collection Wizard has a new power – transferring ownership from the current owner that has been disabled in the Active Directory to any desired user or a SharePoint group.
  • The scope of the Clone and Transfer Wizard can now be the entire web application.

SPDocKit Extensions

We get a lot of user suggestions, and we are very grateful for them, but unfortunately sometimes some of them do not get included in the official SPDocKit release. We decided it was time to change this, so we have implemented a feature called SPDocKit Extensions.

Our developers will create custom reports that have been suggested or requested by our customers, and they will be accessible as a plugin for the current SPDocKit version. The Extension Manager can be found under the Help section.

Support for SharePoint 2016 Preview

Last but definitely not least, SPDocKit 5.3 supports SharePoint 2016 Preview. All the current SPDocKit reports and wizards will work with this new SharePoint release.

Best Practices Library

In the end, we’ve decided to create a SharePoint Best Practices Library. It is a place for SharePoint admins and enthusiasts or any other SPDocKit user fascinated with SharePoint best practices.

You will notice that all our best practices reports now have a link to a related article in that library, explaining the issue as well as recommending the solution to make SPDocKit’s dashboard all green. We hope you’ll like it and we will be more than happy to hear all your comments and improvement suggestions.

We would also like to thank our SharePoint MVPs who worked really hard to make this happen – Aleksandar Drašković and Toni Frankola.

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