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New in Point: Simplified Office 365 review, scheduled reports, and faster access management!

Check out what's new in the latest SysKit Point releases! See how you can schedule Point reports, copy and transfer user permissions, and do access review with the simiplified review process.

The latest Point releases bring new improvements to Office 365 governance and reporting:

Simplify your permissions review process

We simplified the Office 365 access review experience. Reviewers are guided through our new review wizard. It draws attention to the most important things owners need to know – who has access to their content! Site owners can see the total number of site users, admins, and external users, while group and team owners can easily identify group membership changes.

Our new 4-step wizard to help owners focus on important security concerns without having to understand the complexity of Office 365 permissions.

4-step guide for Office 365 access review

Owners can also immediately see all important external and internal sharing information. For example, they can see the number of files shared with external users and users outside of the reviewed team or group.

external sharing in Office 365 Groups and Teams

The whole review process is now much shorter! We added an indicator if there were no changes since the last review, in which case reviewers can skip all the steps and jump to the end.

No SharePoint permission changes since the last review

On top of that, we have heard your requests and improved an admin’s ability to track the review process. Admins now have a complete overview of all the actions reviewers have performed during the permissions review. Also, they can export the activity list as an audit trail and proof of compliance for auditors.

Summary of all actions in Office 365 access review

Keep everybody in the loop with Scheduled reports

Do you hate doing manual work? We have an ideal solution for you: now you can schedule any Syskit Point report! You can send it to yourself, your manager, or any other user via email or save it to a preferred SharePoint library.

With the report schedule you can automate the reporting process and share your actionable data to the right people at the right time.

Schedule Point reports

For example, you can schedule your monthly audit report to your Chief Compliance Officer at the beginning of each month without much hassle.

Audit your security and compliance at a glance with Point’s new dashboard

Syskit Point’s new dashboard shows a simple overview of your most important Office 365 inventory, permissions, and storage data in a single view. It displays information about your sites, teams, groups, and the number of users.

The dashboard will not only help you figure out what you have, but you will also see what has changed in the last 30 days.

The dashboard will warn you about potential security risks like a large amount of anonymous links and cleanup opportunities like inactive content, orphaned groups, and big storage consumption.

Office 365 security and compliance dashboard

It will show you a progress report on automated Permissions reviews and Lifecycle management making it an ideal entry point to dive into your active governance tasks.

Speed up your onboarding with copy/transfer user permissions

The workplace is a dynamic environment – new people are hired, people change positions, and employees leave the company. For each new employee, an admin needs to manually reassign permissions from a previous employee to get access to all necessary SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams.

With Syskit Point, you can simply use our new Copy permissions action to set up access for a new employee with one click!

Copy SharePoint online permissions

If you need to replace a member of your team, you can use the Transfer and Block sign-in action together to transfer all the rights to a new person and block the old user.

Explore Microsoft 365 Permissions and Inventory with New Reports

With the prevalence of cloud environments, hub sites have an important role to define the structure and hierarchy in the workspace. Keeping that in mind, we have added Hub Sites in all our reports and dashboards to easily find all Hub-associated sites. You can use the Hub Site filter in all the existing reports to identify who has access to the department or project-specific sites, like Administration or Marketing sites.

We also have a fresh new report that identifies SharePoint groups and their members with one click. It also warns you if you have old SharePoint groups without permissions, so you can clean them up.

SharePoint Groups report

On top of that, we granted one of your most popular feature requests by adding support for Mail-enabled security groups and Distribution groups!

With all these new additions, you can now see the details regarding all Microsoft 365 group types in Point reports.

Check out Syskit Point with a free 21-day trial or learn more about our new v17 and v16 features!

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