[Survey] SharePoint Environment Stats and SPDocKit Usage 2017

Each year, we conduct our annual survey to get a better insight into SharePoint environments, explore the infrastructure plans for the upcoming year, and better understand how organizations use SPDocKit. View our infographic and explore results!

Besides of building a picture of how people use our tool and how to make it better for them, we wanted to explore the infrastructure trends, such as SharePoint usage per version, and plans for infrastructure investments and upgrades.

We are thankful to everyone who responded to this year’s survey and hope that you will find our tool even more useful with the upcoming releases, new features, and lots of improvements. Congratulations to the lucky winners of our survey raffle who won Amazon gift cards – Stacey Santana, Mark Ellestad, Manuel Egele, and Kenneth Barnes!


The State of SharePoint

This year, more than 120 SPDocKit customers (and trial users), who are mostly SharePoint consultants and administrators, helped to give us an insight into their SharePoint infrastructure. The most used version of SharePoint is still SharePoint 2013, but we can see that the percentage of those using the latest version is growing compared to last year’s results.

  • SharePoint 2013 – 32%
  • SharePoint Online – 21%
  • SharePoint 2016 – 20%
  • SharePoint 2010 – 20%
  • SharePoint 2007 – 7%

When speaking about SharePoint deployment and investment in the upcoming year, currently the majority of organizations have on-premises deployment (48%), 31% is in cloud and this number is rising, while 21% has a hybrid environment. Here are their plans:

  • 37% – planning to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint
  • 24% – rolling out to a hybrid environment
  • 20% – moving everything to SharePoint Online
  • 11% – investing more in on-premises farms and servers
  • 8% – doesn’t plan to invest


According to these results and comparing them with the last year, we can see that more people are adopting the newest available versions of SharePoint and planning further upgrades, but a lot of organizations now use more cloud and hybrid environments.

SPDocKit featured usage survey


SPDocKit Feature Usage

Through the years, the most popular and most used feature of SPDocKit remained the generation of SharePoint farm documentation. This year, we added a new option, to document Project Server settings. With our export options, users can easily collect and explore the configuration data, share it the with their colleagues, and set up their configuration.

  • Second place, again, goes to Best Practices reports which help you to validate farm configuration according to community and Microsoft’s best practices. You can easily set up alerts and get notified when something goes wrong.
  • Following are the Permissions reports and management actions and, then, the compare wizards which allow you to track changes and compare farms, web applications, web.config files, and permissions.
  • People use permissions management actions to edit permissions, manage groups, manage permissions inheritance, etc.

We also got some great feedback and suggestions which we will add to our roadmap to make to the tool even better!

View full size infographic.

What really makes us happy are awesome satisfaction rates! More than 80% find SPDocKit easy to use, intuitive, simple, and high quality with good UX!


Farewell to 2017!

This has been a wonderful year for us! We traveled the world, met our customers, collected great feedback, and met many SharePoint enthusiasts at numerous conferences, such as SPTechCon, Microsoft Ignite, and many SharePoint Saturday events. We also rebranded our company and united our products under one name – SysKit.

Our CEO, well-known speaker, and co-founder of SysKit, Toni Frankola, has been awarded Most Valuable Professional for the eighth time for exceptional contributions to the Microsoft Community. We organized many webinars bringing you spectacular guest presenters, such as Sean Patrick McDonough, Spencer Harbar, Serge Luca, and Isabelle Van Campenhoudt.


Each year, we try to make our products better and keep the support satisfaction rate at the highest level. That is why we were very proud and happy to receive the Best Management Solution in the European SharePoint, Office 365, & Azure Community Awards 2017 for our SharePoint administration tool SPDocKit.

We are looking forward to a new year, new challenges, new friendships, and new accomplishments!

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